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WOG In Real LifeAuthors: Jim2102, Chillo
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Release date: 02/20/2016 - 13:20
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This is our first level pack so we hope you guys enjoy it. It takes place in real life! It also features some new custom balls as well Wink

New gooballs:

Lava Bomb
Rainbow Goo
Cloud Goo

(Custom gooballs made by Jim2102)

New levels:

Clouds - anthony54444
Inside The Volcano - anthony54444
The Old Cave - anthony54444
Gooballs Out In The World - anthony54444
Over The Lava - Jim2102
Tree Adventure - Jim2102
The Big Goo Pipe - Jim2102

We hope you do enjoy this, again this is our VERY FIRST level pack. We may make a part 2 to this in the future...

Have fun! Laughing out loud

World Of Goo - WOG In Real Life Level Pack
World Of Goo - WOG In Real Life Level Pack
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WOG In Real Life
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