As you can see, the site has a new theme. I'm not particularly happy with it, but I have no artistic talent whatsoever. If anyone can help out, please get in touch!

I've been busy working with xanax and Cosmin Marza on a new level for Christmas, "Jingle Balls". This is in beta test now (e-mail me if you want to help test) and should be out by Monday.

In the meantime I've just released GooTool 0.9.6, with a number of bugfixes and usability tweaks and a couple of new features. Highly recommended especially for those using game in languages other than English.

Update 22:15: I've had to release 0.9.7 to fix another problem in accented characters. Not necessary if you just downloaded 0.9.6 and you're only playing in English.

Read on for the changelog.

GooTool 0.9.7

- fixed addin transform files to be UTF-8, fixes translated texts with non-ASCII characters
- Added OCD flags for custom levels

GooTool 0.9.6

- You can now save the image of your tower (transparent, full-size, or thumbnail)
- addin.xml assumed to be in UTF-8, fixes non-ASCII characters in addins
- Allow user to install an addin that already exists, prompting to downgrade/replace/upgrade it
- When installing a level addin, notify them again that the level appears on chapter 1.
- Memory usage in About dialog is now updated each time you open the window
- Some dialog memory leaks plugged
- More descriptive errors when saving with an invalid addin enabled
- Remember the most recently used addin installation folder
- Automatically enable an addin after installing it
- Renamed all remaining uses of "wog" abbreviation
- Layout improvements in profile and addins panels

As always, download it here.