Frequently Asked Questions - General FAQ

No, and you will likely never be able to. GooTool was written in Java for maximum portability, but Apple have decided not to support Java on the iPhone.

However, if you have jailbroken your iPhone and installed the SSH server, you can run GooTool on your desktop computer and write a custom World of Goo to your iPhone using SFTP.

Jailbreaking your iPhone is unsupported and possibly in violation of your agreement with Apple. Proceed at your own risk.

Initial Setup

  • Jailbreak your iPhone. You will have to figure out how to do this on your own.
  • Install "openssh" using Cydia.
  • Purchase World of Goo from the App Store. GooTool will never support illegal copies of World of Goo.
  • Run GooTool on your desktop computer. On the File menu, choose iPhone -> Prepare.
  • Enter the IP address of your iPhone and the root password (default: alpine).
  • GooTool downloads World of Goo from your iPhone and saves it locally on your computer to speed up future builds. This will take several minutes.

Building your World of Goo

  • On the File menu, choose iPhone -> Deploy.
  • Enter the IP address of your iPhone and the root password (default: alpine).
  • A custom World of Goo will be built on your iPhone. This takes a very long time the first time you do it.


  • Make sure your iPhone is awake while GooTool is accessing it.. Turn off auto-lock, or touch the screen every 30 seconds while GooTool is preparing or deploying to your iPhone.
  • Do not run Custom World of Goo on your iPhone while GooTool is running, or if an error occured when building your World.
  • Avoid frequently rebuilding your World of Goo, to reduce wear on your iPhone's Flash memory.
  • The addins installed on your iPhone are the same addins selected for your desktop copy, on the Addins tab.
  • Make sure you are using your Wifi connection and IP address to avoid massive data charges and slow speeds over the cellular network.

No, sorry. As with most consoles, the Wii contains DRM to prevent users installing their own software. Moral objections aside, this means it would be impossible to mod World of Goo on the Wii without some serious effort.

The author of GooTool does not own a Wii but is open to assisting any serious Wii hackers in their efforts. Particularly, the rewrite of GooTool 1.1 for the iPad has added the functionality to build a World to a remote device (over SSH in that case, but it could potentially be on a flash stick instead). However it seems unlikely that this facility will ever appear, and most certainly never on an un-modded Wii.

Yes indeed. Simply point GooTool towards your Steam installation if it doesn't automatically find it. Typically this is something like C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\...\WorldOfGoo.

As with the regular version, GooTool makes a copy of the game and does not modify your original files. So simply create a new directory when asked where to save your custom game.

You cannot currently create add-ins and mods using GooTool. However, a GooTool level editor is planned for the future.

At this point of development, GooTool is stable and can be used safely without much concern. GooTool left "beta" status on just before its first birthday in October 2009.

GooTool does not modify your original game installation. It asks you for a place to save your "custom" World of Goo, which is a copy of the original plus any addins that you have installed.

Be assured that GooTool does not, and will never, have viruses. All releases are built on Linux and are virus-scanned before being published on this site.

GooTool's code is fully internationalised and it is easy to add new languages. However I am not personally fluent in anything else. If you are interested in working on a translation, leave a comment on this page, and I will send you the file for translation once GooTool is in a stable state.

Yes. The download page has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The Linux version will now, by default, operate with the native Linux version of World of Goo. If you wish to continue to use it with the WINE version, you need to force GooTool back into thinking it's running under Windows. Just run "GOOTOOL_PLATFORM=windows bin/gootool".

Currently it is impossible to add a chapter to the game without causing a crash. When World of Goo supports it, so will GooTool.

An addin is a generic extension to World of Goo that can be installed by GooTool. There are currently two types of addin:

A generic addin that extends World of Goo, generally by modifying existing functionality or providing new functionality such as new ball types.
An addin that specifically creates a new level within World of Goo. Since modding isn't officially supported yet, new levels are added to Chapter 5.

It is a tool for Goo which allows the user to install new levels, Goo Balls, themes and modify the game to better suit their needs.