Old 2DBoy Forum

You are viewing a static copy of the old 2DBoy forum, which closed in 2010. It is preserved here for historical interest, but it is not possible to reply to topics. For more recent discussion about World of Goo, visit our new forum.
Official Discussion Club
talk about whatever (899 topics, 7,800 posts)
tell us what sucks, what we should augment, change, etc (346 topics, 2,411 posts)
having trouble with something? Get help here (814 topics, 3,577 posts)
Mods and Hacks
level editors, tools, techniques for maximum warranty voiding (168 topics, 1,916 posts)
Pictures of your Cat
(109 topics, 796 posts)
2D BOY Framework
A place to discuss the 2D BOY rapid prototyping framework (20 topics, 86 posts)