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GooTool is a utility to extend your World of Goo experience, enabling you to install new levels and mods to provide further gameplay, and to view and share your World of Goo accomplishments.


  • Profiles - View your profiles, view your tower image and stats, backup and restore your profile, move it between machines, and upload to your tower on this website.
  • Addins - Install and uninstall mods and new levels within the game.
  • Options - Configure certain aspects of the game that you can't easily do otherwise - for example changing resolution or removing the loading screen video.
  • Translation - An advanced mode for those interested in translating the game into their own language.

Windows Installation

Simply run the installer and choose a suitable location. You can uninstall it from your Control Panel.

You need Java version 1.6.0 or greater to run this program. The installer should download it for you if you don't have it already, otherwise get it from

Note for Windows 8 Users:

You'll need to install the latest version of Java before installing GooTool, otherwise the installation will fail. For more information, see here.

Linux Installation

You need Java 1.5.0 or greater. 1.6.0 is highly recommended. Try java -version from the command line. See here for more info on installing/upgrading Java.

Extract to a directory such as /usr/local/gootool or /home/yourname/gootool, then run bin/gootool.

Debian users can simply install the .deb package provided.

Mac Installation

Simply drag GooTool somewhere (e.g. your Applications folder) and run it. To uninstall, drag it to your Trash.


1.0.3, 15-October-2010

  • This is the first release with the full source code released simultaneously (#0000244).
  • Available addins are now stored in your home directory and not your custom directory. They will be moved automatically upon upgrade to this version (#0000263).
  • Consume World of Goo's stdout, possible fix for long hangs on "Save and Launch" (#0000261).
  • Added new command-line utility "gooinfo" to dump information about user's profile and tower under Windows and Linux. Run it on its own for syntax (#0000249).
  • Added "gooinfo -validateaddin" to do preliminary addin sanity check (currently just validates the manifest) (#0000250).
  • .bin files are now strictly prohibited in the override directory.
  • Fixed installation of addins with XML special characters (quotation marks etc) in level name/subtitle (#0000266).
  • If a background task fails due to a fatal error (e.g. out of memory), don't assume the task has succeeded (#0000268).
  • Fix profile tower rendering under Mac OS X (#0000265).
  • Fix location of Steam install. Automatically locate World of Goo 32-bit install on 64-bit Windows.
  • Don't throw an exception in addin update check if no addins are installed (#0000271).
  • Abort the build if the target custom directory is the same as the source directory (#0000272).
  • Refuse to install goomods with upper-case characters in their file extension, to avoid cross-platform incompatibility (#0000275).
  • Correctly load the level history from a user's profile, handles levels with names like 4444 (#0000269).
  • Addins with unsatisfied dependencies now show red in the addins tab (#0000178).
  • Decode broken UTF-8 in World of Goo profile names prior to version 1.40 (#0000270).
  • Fix skipeolsequence/cutscene not being respected for levels using addin manifest version 1.1 (#0000252).
  • Fix dependency max-version not being shown correctly on the addin properties dialog.

1.0.2, 18-November-2009

  • Fixed NullPointerExceptions on startup introduced in 1.0.1 when profile is missing or empty (#0000245).
  • Fix detection of non-Sun JREs under Linux (#0000242).
  • Updated the installer to auto-install a more recent JRE if needed (#0000243).
  • Refresh profiles tab when profile file is changed. Disable publish button if no selected profile.

1.0.1, 08-November-2009

  • Added an option to the Advanced menu to generate an online ID (for users who are unable to connect in-game) (#0000235).
  • Allow generated online IDs to be removed as and when 2D Boy servers come back online.
  • Display skipped levels in the profile tab.
  • Don't display tower data if the profile has no tower.
  • Don't allow publish if the profile has no online id (#0000236).
  • Goomod version 1.1 is now available: (#0000188)
    • Addins can now specify a thumbnail image.
    • Add strings easily using text.xml in goomod.
    • An addin can now provide more than one level, so level is now a child of levels.
    • level/cutscene and level/skipeolsequence added.
    • level/ocd is now officially optional.
  • GooTool now lets you select new languages (for which you need to download translations and possibly fonts from
    zh, cs, da, eo, fi, ka, he, hu, ja, no, pl, pt, pt_BR, sv, tp, uk, vi (#0000239).
  • Fixed an issue preventing you ever saving again if you uninstall an addin and quit before saving (#0000240).
  • Remember GooTool's window position/size between runs (#0000234).

1.0.0, 22-October-2009

  • You can now rate addins from the Addins tab within GooTool (#0000175).
  • Added a "Check for Updates" button so you can automatically update your addins (#0000179).
  • Allow GooTool to find and work with the 1.41 (bin32/bin64) version of World of Goo under Linux (#0000218).
  • Allow GooTool to find and work with the Big Fish version of World of Goo under Mac OS X (#0000225).
  • Added a diagnostic report to the Help menu to aid debugging GooTool problems (#0000232).
  • Use RealIrrKlang.dll if it exists in the source directory, in case user manually installed Maks' volume control (#0000219).
  • Allow changing refresh rate from the Options tab (#0000182).
  • Skip Thumbs.db, .DS_Store and .svn when installing addins (#0000215).
  • Provide scrollbars for long addin descriptions in the addins tab and properties dialog (#0000226).
  • Run lengthy operations in a background thread so the GUI doesn't lock up (#0000174).
  • Rename PC/Linux to Windows/Linux (#0000221).
  • Make AddinInstaller use AddinReader, allowing installation of an addin from an extracted directory.
  • Initial work on iPhone version.
  • Goomod format 1.1: Authors can now specify a thumbnail image for addins.

0.10.5, 28-June-2009

- 0000164: [billboards] First-time build fails due to missing billboards.goomod (davidc) - resolved.
- 0000165: [profile] Allow sorting of columns in profile tab (davidc) - resolved.

0.10.4, 22-June-2009

- "Publish profile" button added, publishes your tower to
- Auto download updates to the billboard contest mod (unless you opt out)
- Movie and animation decoding/encoding added, also available from the advanced menu (format not finalised)
- Possible fix for "See Controls" link not working for some
- Don't copy Thumbs.db files, fixes Access Denied exceptions for some Windows users
- GooTool will now store your preferences in a file if you specify -preferences <filename> on the commamnd line

0.10.3, 18-Apr-2009

- Windows users can now enable Maks Verver's volume control via a checkbox
- Added "find more addins" link to the addins tab
- Added a Debian .deb build, added X Windows menu entry
- Added all the missing screen resolutions to options tab (mostly widescreen)
- Warn on startup if using demo version of World of Goo
- Friendlier version numbers in some places
- Use instead of resolving "localhost": prevents it resolving to "::1" on IPv4-only systems giving "Address family not supported by protocol family: bind"
- Mime type is now application/x-world-of-goo-addin
- Removed the initial "WARNING" tab as it seems stable enough now Smile

0.10.2, 09-Feb-2009

- Added login, added profile backup/restore
- Auto-detect the Linux installation location through ~/.WorldOfGoo/LastRun.txt
- Adjust layout of Chapter 1 and automatically resize screen to fit installed levels.
- Send OS and CPU type in CheckVersion API call
- Fix reading of Unicode characters in profiles under World of Goo 1.40+
- The checkboxes in addin list can now be clicked to enable/disable the addin
- Linux startup script now uses /bin/bash due to some strange sh-alikes out there.

0.10.1, 15-Jan-2009

- Fixed a huge WTF on image encoding on non-Mac platforms.

0.10.0, 15-Jan-2009

- Added Mac support!
- Added file association and document icon for goomods on Mac
- Created a Windows installer, added goomod file association and icon
- rewrote code to support java 1.5 (you can no longer drag addins to reorder them though)
- fixed size of about dialog
- added file handling for Windows/refocussing if GooTool clicked on again
- skip over Unicode byte-order-marks, fixes UTF-8 files saved from Notepad etc
- Added options to the Advanced menu to encode/decode the various game file formats. You can select whole directories or multiple files.
- Preliminary support for the World of Goo Linux beta added. If you want to force GooTool to use your WINE World of Goo, run "GOOTOOL_PLATFORM=windows bin/gootool"
- Moved Addin description to the main Addins tab.

0.9.7, 19-Dec-2008

- fixed addin transform files to be UTF-8, fixes translated texts with non-ASCII characters
- Added OCD flags for custom levels

0.9.6, 19-Dec-2008

- You can now save the image of your tower (transparent, full-size, or thumbnail)
- addin.xml assumed to be in UTF-8, fixes non-latin characters in addins
- Allow user to install an addin that already exists, prompting to downgrade/replace/upgrade it
- When installing a level addin, notify them again that the level appears on chapter 1.
- Memory usage in About dialog is now updated each time you open the window
- Some dialog memory leaks plugged
- More descriptive errors when saving with an invalid addin enabled
- Remember the most recently used addin installation folder
- Automatically enable an addin after installing it
- Renamed all remaining uses of "wog" abbreviation
- Layout improvements in profile and addins panels

0.9.5, 21-Nov-2008

- added Linux build, also look in .wine and .PlayOnLinux for exe/profile
- allow selection of multiple addins to install
- better error description when l10n source image can't be loaded
- added new version notification on startup and via help menu
- added new version ignore option
- added menu items for various help webpages
- some initial internationalisation of GooTool itself
- fixed NPE on save when no resolution selected, various fixes to make sure 800x600 always appears as default
- added java JRE/JVM information to About dialog
- clarify that GooTool doesn't modify existing WoG installation

0.9.4, 17-Nov-2008

- make sure 800x600 resolution is always available
- fixed charset on wiki downloads (e.g. Cyrillic)
- added layers and gaussian blur effects to image localisation tool
- added arched text to l10n tool
- added fit-to-box (bounding box) positioning to l10n tool
- added justification to l10n tool
- added debug boundary drawing to imagegenerator and checkbox to GUI
- added alpha channel to color spec in l10n tool
- major refactor of XML format in l10n tool
- GUI l10n usage shows a progress dialog
- building images to output directory added

0.9.3, 15-Nov-2008

- added image localisation tool for translators
- Addin level OCD requirement is now optional
- possible fix for pyris NPE (unselected resolution)

0.9.2, 13-Nov-2008

- Fixed bug saving when unrecognised language is selected
- Added the missing languages to the options pane

0.9.1, 13-Nov-2008

- Profile parsing fixed for certain test cases
- Added more debugging for NPE on "save" bug
- Improved logging, removed redundant logging
- Don't try to build addins that have "vanished" (deleted from addins dir)
- ESC works to close dialogs
- Try and create the custom directory if the user hasn't already created it
- Less cramped GUI
- Display available tower balls on profile

0.9.0, 10-Nov-2008

- Enabling addins. You can now enable addins and build your World of Goo!
- You can now install level-type addins. They are now fully merged and appear as new levels at the top left of Chapter 1.
- Better file/directory support. GooTool will now remember where it last found WorldOfGoo.exe, and it lets you manually locate your profile if it can't find it.
- You can now choose the custom directory where GooTool will build your World. This enables Vista users with UAC restrictions to still build.
- Progress bar added for long operations such as initial load and file merging.
- Skip Opening Movie now works
- Loading screen watermark now works.
- Addins can be reordered properly.
- Taller towers are no longer cropped in the profile pane.

0.8.0, 05-Nov-2008

- Initial release
- Loading current preferences (language, resolution, ui_inset).
- Saving preferences (to - does not overwrite config.txt yet)
- Loading profiles.
- Displaying profile data.
- Displaying level achievements.
- Displaying tower data.
- Generating various images of the tower.
- Installing mod-type addins to the addin directory (but you can't enable them yet).
- Validating the addins.
- Uninstalling mod-type addins from the addin directory.
- Viewing addin properties.
- Reordering addin priority.
- Save and Launch.
- Automatic detection of JRE.
- Decrypting and encrypting .bin files.
- Decrypting and parsing profile data.
- Transformation/merging of XML files.

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Profile tab
Enlarge or save your tower
Addins tab
Options tab
Localisation tab (from the Advanced menu)
Addins are installed in the top left of Chapter 1
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0.8.0WindowsWed, 11/05/2008 - 18:07gootool_0.8.0.zip1.18 MB

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