World of Goo 2 is in development!

2D Boy and Tomorrow Corporation have announced that World of Goo 2 is in the making, "materializing in 2024". There's also a teaser trailer showing off a few new mechanics. Check it out:

Good luck team!

Sun setting over the World of Goo

In a few months, World of Goo and GooFans will celebrate their 15th birthdays. It's a testament to the innovative gameplay and compelling storytelling that there are people playing the game today who weren't alive when it was first written.

Free World of Goo on Epic Games

Beginning today, and for the next two weeks, you will be able to get World of Goo for free at the Epic Games store.

If you have any friends who still haven't played the game, and if they can stand the Epic Games launcher, you can find it here:


New official version of World of Goo available

Kyle has just announced a new version of World of Goo for Win/Mac/Linux. This version 1.5 brings improved graphics and technical updates under the hood. Although there is no new content, this should make the game look and run better on modern computers.

If you bought the game directly from 2D Boy, you can use your original download link or resend the download link. If you bought it elsewhere, the update will be available over the coming days.

10 years of Goo!

10 years ago today, after Years of Work, months of beta testing, and an immeasurable amount of care and love, World of Goo was released to the public to overwhelming and unprecedented success. It's a testament to its design and the painstaking attention to detail in the implementation that it remains popular today, still being ported to new platforms, and still inspiring new addins right here on GooFans.

World of Goo available for Nintendo Switch

World of Goo is now available for the Nintendo Switch console. Official trailer below:

Along with World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine can now also be played on the Switch.

Two new games coming October 15th!

Both Ron and Kyle are releasing new games next week, albeit with other collaborators and not each other.

Ron Carmel (together with Noel Llopis) is launching a mobile game combat game based diplomacy and subterfuge named, appropriately, Subterfuge. More information and a video on their website.

2D Boy forum - rebooted!

I've resurrected the old 2D Boy forum and put a read-only version online. If you're curious about the development of World of Goo or in any of the discussions that took place from 2008-2010, you can check it out here.


Translation wiki closing down

Soultaker has written to let me know that the World of Goo translation wiki will be closing soon. With the game out for more than four years, and the last major translations updated in 2010, I think one can say it has fulfilled its purpose!

Little Inferno launches - and InfernoFans too

Little Inferno officially launched today on Wii U and PC. And to mark the occasion, we've also launched - head over there for information and news about the game going forward (and let me know if you're able to help out with the content!)