10 years ago today, after Years of Work, months of beta testing, and an immeasurable amount of care and love, World of Goo was released to the public to overwhelming and unprecedented success. It's a testament to its design and the painstaking attention to detail in the implementation that it remains popular today, still being ported to new platforms, and still inspiring new addins right here on GooFans.

One of the first runaway successes of independent game development too, it inspired a whole generation of new game developers to set out on their own terms. Its fresh approach to transparency, DRM and multiplatform support also set a new tone in the industry. There's no doubt that the legacy of 2D Boy goes beyond the game itself.

While Ron and Kyle have gone their separate ways to work on other projects, World of Goo lives on and is as fresh and enjoyable to play as it ever was. We love you, 2D Boy.

World of Goo turns 10