Use your vote!

After a couple of weeks of embarrassing brokenness, voting is working properly again on the site. Please take a moment to vote on all the addins you've tried. This will help make the site more useful for newcomers and also help us stress-test the voting system for the SECRET CONTEST we're launching next week. Oops, did I mention a secret contest launch? I meant normal day on the intarweb.


Sebastian Wolff has completed transcribing piano sheet music of the World of Goo soundtrack. You can find it on his website, or watch him playing it all on YouTube.

A recent new level worth special mention is XDboy's Infinitive Windows Freezer. Tired of being limited to 300 balls in the World of Goo Corporation? This level lets you build a tower with potentially unlimited black or Ivy balls.

GooTool 0.10.3, recommended for Windows users

GooTool 0.10.3 is now out. I wanted to get this released ASAP, as recent Windows Vista updates are meaning more and more people are getting "unable to start primary instance server" errors. This is fixed in the new GooTool.

Windows users can now adjust the volume of both the music and effects in-game, thanks to a utility by Maks Verver. Simply go to the "options" tab in GooTool and "enable in-game volume controls". Note that this isn't officially supported.

There's also now a .deb Debian-format download, along with a few other improvements and bugfixes. Read on for the full changelog or download it here.

The new GooFans team

This weekend saw the team grow from just xanax and myself. Now spazturtle, 30jon, FluffyWolf2, Bioran23, Pavke and Magical T have joined the team as moderators and authors.

World of Goo Corporation 2.0

Congratulations, you made it through. I hope you enjoyed meeting MOM 2.0. If you want to visit her again, you can find her here.

Unfortunately I spent 2 days writing a bunch of awesome code for this, but didn't leave enough time to make it very funny. So if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below and I'll update Smile

placating addin publishers...

A few more updates today. You can now rate addins; an overall rating (for all addins) and a difficulty rating (just for levels). So get rating and I'll shortly add a "highest rated addins" list and an option to sort by rating and difficulty. I'm also going to add this feature to GooTool so you can rate directly from there.

In other news, Soultaker has created a mod to let you control World of Goo's volume directly within the game - a feature that's been requested by players for ages! I'll hopefully add his feature to GooTool soon, but in the meantime if you have some technical skills check out his forum post. Read on!

spinning violently around the z-index - site updates

We've made a few more updates to the site over the last few days. As you probably noticed, the front page is substantially more useful now, providing a portal to useful content on the site: the most popular addins, latest addins, news from us and from 2D Boy, popular content, active forum posts, etc. Read on for more news.

A few teething problems - fixed

Some of the files for the recently uploaded addins have gone missing. I'm aware of this and I've asked the authors to send them to me, so no need to report missing files for now.

Now to hunt down the source of this bug (which is odd, because I never actually delete files from disk...). I'll post again when this is fixed.

Update 29 March: I found this buried in the Drupal documentation. So now it's fixed permanently.

now 20% more infinite along the x-axis

Phew! We're back. As you can see the site has undergone quite an overhaul. I've been putting this off for a while, so it's been a busy week.

The most important new feature is the World of Goo Addin database, where mod authors can easily upload their levels and mods, attach videos and screenshots. Users can comment (and soon rate) the addins as well as download them. For a good example, check out Jingle Balls. Read on.

GooTool 0.10.2

GooTool 0.10.2 is out, another small step along the road to 1.0 while xanax distracts me with the level editor.

This version lets you backup and restore your profile to this site, giving you a quick and easy way to make backups and also to transfer profiles between machines (even between Windows/Mac/Linux). This doesn't share your profile with anyone; that's a separate option "publish profile" that is not yet finished.

You can store up to 10 profiles on this site (let me know if that's not enough). After that, the oldest profile is deleted. You can also "preserve" backups using "My backups" on the right-hand navigation, preventing them being deleted this way.

Also in this version are some other improvements, mostly for the Linux version and forthcoming 1.40 World of Goo. Read on for the changelog.

In 2dboy news, Kyle found time to release the soundtrack, and the Linux beta is now complete and it should be released soon.