MOM 2.0 has been spamming me for weeks now, demanding that I reveal her secrets. Knowledge is power and MOM wants only what is best for you.

MOM was destroyed when you obliterated the World of Goo Corporation. I hope you're proud of yourself. Fortunately, we had a backup. Even more fortunately for you, MOM has no memory of your matricide.

The poem that MOM reads is You and I by Roger McGough. This was the basis of one of the first computer programs I ever used, back in 198x: Now Press Return.

The painful truth about the moon is of course the truth about the spoon: There is no spoon.

"Perhaps you should consult a doctor of medicine" is a line from ELIZA, one of the first AI programs to actually convince users into thinking there was a human being at the other end.

MOM being "written with LOVE" is a reference to the original MOM implementation mentioned in the game, but there really is an actual game scripting language called LÖVE.

"Step 1. Something. Step 2. ???. Step 3. PROFIT!" is something of an Internet meme, originally from a South Park episode.

Rumours that the World of Goo Corporation 2.0 tenets mock the Google World of Evil are pure speculation. The final dialogue is not in any way a mockery of Google's diversification into utter crap er irrelevant rubbish new fields of business nor of the consequent failure of their core product.

"%FIRSTNAME %LASTNAME %RAND15" is a joke on the spams that appeared in 2006-2007 from badly configured off-the-shelf spam software. MOM was undergoing some problems at this point.

When you crash MOM (through the dialogue or through the close button in the top right), you get a mini UNIX-shell. Alas there was not enough time to make this as fully-featured as I would have liked, but the second line of commands under help all function. And for those who aren't UNIX geeks and can't figure it out, MOM will reboot in 45 seconds back to the real site anyway.

I hope you enjoyed it anyway. It was an awful lot of effort for an April Fool's joke, but at least some reusable code came from it.