A quick update

It's been a while since I've posted, what with work, a significant birthday (I'm now officially old) and a rather nasty rootkit trojan. So here's a quick update.

First off is a treat from spazturtle: Santa hats for your Goo Balls and a wintry World of Goo Corporation. Mod available at http://goofans.com/download

World of Goo is now out in some stores in Germany a day early, although unfortunately tucked away in the budget section. I bought some copies anyway to teach them a lesson. The moon chapter is conspicuously absent. Hopefully it'll be available in a sequel or download at a later date.

Read on for more.

GooTool 0.9.5 - Linux and more

0.9.5 is now out. The major additions are Linux support and new version notification, along with a couple of bugfixes.

Download it here and please report bugs here.

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2dboy site move

So 2dboy.com's evil hosting company (Bluehost) shut them down for using too much of their "unlimited" bandwidth.

They're in the process of moving to their own dedicated server - in the meantime if you're still getting the "suspended" page, you can access their new site directly at

GooTool 0.9.4: One World, One Goo

GooTool 0.9.4 is out. The main functionality added in this version is intended specifically for translators of the game. 0.9.4 has a "Translator mode" accessed from the Advanced menu. Full details of what this does are over here.

If you have no problems with 0.9.2, and you're not involved in translation, you'll probably not see much difference in this version. However there are a couple of bugs fixed: if you were getting "NullPointerExceptions" in 0.9.2, give 0.9.4 a whirl.

As always, download GooTool here and report bugs here. May the goo be with you and remain with you always.

GooTool 0.9.1 Maintenance Release

I've released GooTool 0.9.1 on the download page. It's mostly a bugfix release for people who've had problems loading their profile, or who were getting an empty error message on the "Save" button. If 0.9.0 worked for you, you don't need to download this.

GooTool 0.9.0 is out!

GooTool 0.9 is now out! The main new feature of this version is that you can now enable addins and have them merged into your own custom World of Goo. So let development of new mods and levels begin!

Read more about GooTool (includes new screenshots), and then download it and give it a try!

GooTool 0.8.0 released

I'm pleased to announce the first public preview release of GooTool. GooTool is intended to let you install addin mods and levels, to view your profile and tower and upload it to this site, and to allow easy access to customize your World of Goo.

This should be considered a demo version as it is configured to not touch live World of Goo files, though it does demonstrate some of the features of the tool. But be careful to backup your World of Goo directory and profile just in case. A full version with save functionality enabled should be forthcoming in the next few days.

Let me know what you think! Please leave feedback in the GooTool forum.

Addin file format posted

I've now posted documentation of the addin file formant (.goomod) currently used by GooTool, in the hope of getting feedback on the structure from others. Hopefully community agreement can be reached on the format so it's not limited to GooTool. For example I'd like to see wogedit be able to create levels as goomod files for direct installation by GooTool users. Please check it out and head over to the forum to leave comments.

let's go modding!

Welcome to GooFans.com, what I hope will become a central resource for World of Goo customization and development.

What we have here so far is GooTool, a program I've written to mod World of Goo and extract data from it, a description of the addin file format used, and discussion forums for development of both addins and GooTool itself.

In the future this site will also have a download section for (automatic or manual) download of mods and levels. I'm also working on a profile section where your achievements and tower data/image from GooTool are uploaded and optionally shared with the the world. I'm also keen to hear any other suggestions you may have. Leave a comment or head over to the forum.