It's been a while since I've posted, what with work, a significant birthday (I'm now officially old) and a rather nasty rootkit trojan. So here's a quick update.

First off is a treat from spazturtle: Santa hats for your Goo Balls and a wintry World of Goo Corporation. Mod available at

World of Goo is now out in some stores in Germany a day early, although unfortunately tucked away in the budget section. I bought some copies anyway to teach them a lesson. The moon chapter is conspicuously absent. Hopefully it'll be available in a sequel or download at a later date.

Read on for more.

As far as GooTool goes, here's my current TODO file. I'm back working through this now and I should have a new version out Real Soon Now. I'm hoping to get 1.0.0 out to the world before Christmas together with my holiday level. As always, any new suggestions please let me know in the forum.


- IMPROVEMENT: Memory usage in About dialog is now updated each time you open the window - DONE
- BUG FIX: Fix memory leaks in closing dialogs - DONE
- NEW FEATURE: command line interface to image l10n tool for the wiki site, no gui
- IMPROVEMENT: dev releases should have the actual svn version in their build filename/about version - may need to separate svn revision into an svn:ignored file
- BUG FIX: addin merging doesn't work on Linux due to windows line endings
- NEW FEATURE: let user save the tower jpgs (and the original transparent one)
- IMPROVEMENT: Rename all remaining uses of the potential racial slur "wog" to "goo"
- IMPROVEMENT: Remember the last used folder on "Install new addin" (xanax@forum)
- IMPROVEMENT: Better error display for Addin installation IOException (xanax@forum)

MILESTONE 0.10.0 (Final beta version)

- NEW FEATURE: Windows installer
- NEW FEATURE: Supported mac version and .dmg package
- NEW FEATURE: File association for .goomod
- IMPROVEMENT: Don't SAVE if unmodified on LAUNCH

- NEW FEATURE: Addin author tool: create addin from directory/create addin from wogeditor
- IMPROVEMENT: Make checkboxes in addin list actually enable/disable the addin
- BUG FIX: Dragging addins below last enabled addin should move it to bottom

- NEW FEATURE: Upload profile/tower to
- NEW FEATURE: preference: upload tower on goo exit, or upload tower continuously during play (need to detect when process exits - java.lang.Process?)
- NEW FEATURE: backup/restore profile to website - perhaps just store their last 5 uploaded profiles?
- NEW FEATURE: mark user as cheat - requires X votes or something

MILESTONE 1.0.0 (First public release)

- All bugs from 0.10.x series fixed, no new features


- NEW FEATURE: Option to check mods for updates on from within GooTool
- NEW FEATURE: Auto-download required dependencies from

- IMPROVEMENT: strip down bouncycastle to only needed classes
- NEW FEATURE: Integrated ball editor
- NEW FEATURE: Finalise the level editor
- NEW FEATURE: Changing refreshrate in config.txt - NEW IN 1.10? 1.20?


- NEW FEATURE: Check for new WorldOfGoo releases
- NEW FEATURE: Drag and Drop installing of Addons. So you can drag a file from your desktop to mod list and install it
- NEW FEATURE: fullscreen preference? Involves editing pers2.dat so maybe not
- NEW FEATURE: Perhaps stop overrides of Drained files, to prevent cheating in goocorp?
- NEW FEATURE: Addin XML: conflicts
- NEW FEATURE: Addin XML: provides (to include mods in a packaged download)
- BUGFIX: Addins build.xml ANT task doesn't work under Linux.
- NEW FEATURE: .deb build:
- NEW FEATURE: mute music/mute all sound