Guidelines for addin publication

Daft as Brush has made a post describing our policy on what addins we'll publish on this site. Rather than paraphrase it, I'll just link directly to his post here.

We are keen to maintain a high standard of addins on goofans: each one should be useful or interesting or fun on its own. Particularly note that we will no longer publish ball mods unless there's already a couple of levels using them.

IRC Chat


I just wanted to inform you (or make you remember) that has a IRC chatroom available here : (or click on "Web Chat" in the GooFans menu, above).

I know there is a forum too but.. well, I also like to discuss with other wog-fans in real time. Smile

See you down-there !


GameGround challenge play

I've been talking with Jeremie over at GameGround recently about their exciting new project. They've developed a website that integrates and extends a bunch of existing games - World of Goo being the latest addition - to let you play with friends, issue challenges, and earn achievements. A small plugin runs on your computer to share your accomplishments on the website.

Major overhaul of the Level Editor, new tutorial

Daft as Brush has been very busy over the last few weeks, taking the rather clunky and unfinished "WOG Editor" and breathing new life into it. It's now a fully-featured and user-friendly level editor, ready to be used by all designers, not just programmers.

Humble Indie Bundle

Not one, not two, but FIVE indie games in another 'pay what you want' sale. World of Goo and Aquaria are the pick of the bunch in my opinion, but the others are also fun to play. Check it out on the Wolfire site.

The story continues... wogfan video promo

The WOGFan Youtube team have put together a great video introducing this site and their own video channel. Check it out below and on the wogfan website.

WOGFan the Site - Now Open

All the levels!
All the charts!
All the records!
All the videos!
{well almost... we're still working on a couple Smile }

WOGFan - The Untold Story

Everything you ever wanted to know about WOGFAN, but were afraid to ask. Wink

Comments, Feedback, Suggestions welcome!

Graphic designers wanted

I'm looking for graphic designers. It's a mystery to me how, after so long in the business, I still don't know very many, but there it is. I've got two open opportunities:

GooTool maintenance release

A bugfix release of GooTool is now out, version 1.0.2.

You do not need to download this unless you had problems with version 1.0.1. Other than the bugfixes listed below, nothing else has changed except tidying up for the upcoming source release (for which the only thing still pending is to finalise the license).

GooTool 1.0.1 and goomod format 1.1

Friday was GooTool's 1st birthday: here's the original announcement of the first public preview release. Later that week, GooTool 0.9.0 was released, allowing you to create addins using the newly-defined goomod file format.

GooTool 1.0.1 is now out and is a suitably important milestone. Download it at the usual place. New in this version is support for goomod version 1.1, so you'll need to upgrade to use upcoming addins in this format. There are a bunch of other improvements too - including a workaround for the problem caused by 2D Boy's WoGC servers being down. Read on for the full changelog.