GooTool 1.0.0 released

Almost one year after its first release, I'm happy to announce GooTool version 1.0.0 today. This update contains numerous fixes and new features and is recommended for everyone. Get it here.

Of particular interest, you can now rate addins and check for updated versions from within GooTool. It now takes just two clicks to bring all your addins up to date (Authors take note: it is now even more vital that the ID and version fields in addin.xml are correct).

World of Goo Sale ends soon

Most of you will already have the game, but if you've been playing on the Wii and want to get a cheap copy for your PC/Mac so you can play custom levels/addins, today's your last chance to get a copy at the World of Goo birthday sale. Pay whatever you feel it's worth, from just $0.01.

Update: The sale has been extended to Sunday, October 25

2DBoy Website Down

2DBoy's website is down due to an enormous amount of traffic caused by their 'Pay any price you want' sale, which let the customer pay any price they wanted for the game. 2DBoy’s entire website is down apart from the games section so you can still buy the game, but cannot access the rest of the site including the forum. This probable should be fixed within a few days.

Our chat channel

A quick comment on the webchat and IRC channel (#world-of-goo on EFnet). There are some passionate and knowledgeable Goo fans in there, mostly during the daytime European time, but we're not watching the channel every minute of every day. So if you ask a question, please keep the window open for an hour or so, and wait for a response! We've had maybe 100 people asking questions over the last few months, only to disconnect after a few minutes before we can answer.

Billboard contest winners announced!

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the World of Goo Corporation billboard contest, in no particular order:

With so many quality entries, to pick the top three was very hard. Well done to everyone who took part.

Said Ron Carmel, co-founder of 2D Boy: "We're so impressed with all the imaginative entries. Remember, you're all winners in the eyes of MOM!".

Kyle Gabler was too busy for comment but his sound bite generator generated this: "World of Goo Corporation states that is is enthused with the sign painting, and is thrilled to offer one of its World of Goo brand products to the winner*.

*World of Goo Corporation is required to disclose that everyone is a winner, but degree of winning may vary from person to person."

ratemygoo, vote now!

The Goo Balls stood dumbstruck, overwhelmed by the wall of advertisements arrayed before them. Silently they filed past, examining each carefully and sharing meaningful glances. As they passed, each billboard rose or fell almost imperceptibly. Yes, the Hydraulic Goo Voting Engine was collecting their votes.

Voting is open and will remain open for a few days after the close of the contest tomorrow. Go here to see all the entries or go here for the ones you haven't voted on yet (You need to be logged in to vote).

GooTool 0.10.5, fixes critical bug in previous release

I inadvertently released 0.10.4 with a critical bug in "Save & Launch", which generally only showed up for first-time users. The builder tried to install the billboards.goomod file even when it didn't exist. This is now fixed in 0.10.5.

I'm now using mantis for issue tracking for both GooTool and this site. You can find it at /issues. Before you can access it, you need to logout from this website and log back in again in order to copy your password across.

Billboard fonts and artwork

There's now just under a week left to submit your entries for the billboard contest. Even if you're not entering anything, please take a moment to help by voting. For the artists, here are some additional resources that may help:

GooTool 0.10.4, new Web Chat

GooTool 0.10.4 is now out. The major improvements are the addition of a one-click "publish profile" button to upload your tower to this site, and readiness for the end the billboard contest next week. Read on for the full changelog.

In other news, the IRC Web Chat program has been replaced with a new one that seems to be a lot easier to use.

World of Goo contests

Much love to Ron for his recent promotion of the billboard contest. There's still time to submit your entries for the World of Goo Corporation's consideration, but the contest ends at the end of the month so hurry!