Congratulations are in order for the winners of the World of Goo Corporation billboard contest, in no particular order:

With so many quality entries, to pick the top three was very hard. Well done to everyone who took part.

Said Ron Carmel, co-founder of 2D Boy: "We're so impressed with all the imaginative entries. Remember, you're all winners in the eyes of MOM!".

Kyle Gabler was too busy for comment but his sound bite generator generated this: "World of Goo Corporation states that is is enthused with the sign painting, and is thrilled to offer one of its World of Goo brand products to the winner*.

*World of Goo Corporation is required to disclose that everyone is a winner, but degree of winning may vary from person to person."

With the contest over, I've reopened image uploading so you can upload new or revised billboards. While the three winners here now appear in the World of Goo Corporation level, the runners-up will appear in an upcoming version of Infinitive Windows Freezer.