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Half-assed new screenshotAuthor: XDboy
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Release date: 07/17/2009 - 02:58
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by XDboy

NEW! - GooTool(R) AdScience(tm) - Billboard flavor.
Infinite Goo wasn't enough, now this addin also features some awesome Advertising Idol billboards. And that doesn't mean just those of the contest.
Start your own World(of Goo)wide Ad-Campaign* today!
Although the Billboard Contest is over, you can still design and upload your own billboards to and let the new GooTool Billboard Update function** flood your marketing messages into millions*** of games of valued customers. Please follow the guidelines of the recently closed Billboard Contest.

new, too: a Death Zone, Bone Goo Balls, labels up to 500m.

For all the people complaining about the 300 Goo Ball limit.

This is basically the destroyed World of Goo Corporation with unlimited Goo Balls (Drained and Ivy).
- and a (not-so-new) twist, a clashing of realities. Wink
- and an Easter egg, that helps you cheating your way to the top!
(it doesn't matter, though, because it's NOT connected to the leaderboards or your profile)

You can build towers out of an unlimited amount of Goo Balls here, BUT after a couple of hundreds (depending on your hardware) your game will slow down, and if you're still adding more and more balls it might crash. Maybe even your operating system will. I don't know, and...

DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any error or damage that might occur, if you're using too much Goo!

  • Level design: (Kyle Gabler,) XDboy
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler, XDboy, Microsoft, and one Icon from:
  • Music: Kyle Gabler

thanks to 2D Boy, DavidC, zark92, Elfe and all the Billboard Painters!

*No real advertisement is allowed, parody of real world ads and brands is ok. **Billboard Update function not yet implemented fully. ***A few hundred, if you're lucky.

There are 8 screenshots.

Half-assed new screenshot
Goo Infinity!
Me = not the best Goo Tower Builder
Happy Easter ;)
Goo Soup
Goos are looking up
More Goo Soup
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