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JamerzFri, 06/19/2009 - 03:4639.93m9283 days 10 hours
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Balloon Types

Custom Ballon ( Welcoming Unit )

This add - on is similar than jamerz do.
This will change the ballon goo into 8 types of balloon
1. Rainbow Balloon
2. Icy Balloon
3. Blue Star Balloon
4. Pixel Balloon ( Orange coloured., I want to fix this because it not looks pixelized)
5. Radioactive Balloon
6. Grass Balloon
7. Glassy balloon
8. Plasma Balloon

Rainbow Balloon

nice balloons fisty

Change balloon to seven different random colours

The Colour of Goo

going up

A mod to add colour to common goos.

Goo Fishing

goo hill

Version 2.0 now with added fish.
My forth level, has a twist. The goo is hidden in the pipes. Use the fish and water to get them out. Some nifty manipulation of those weird fish might help and a little patience. Fishing is a relaxing pastime, no need to hurry as you are not against the clock on this level. When you have your catch. Drop it over the cliff. Be careful of the goo lake, or your catch will be reprocessed.
The OCD of 89 moves should be a challenge for most of us. Hope you enjoy the fishing, I had lots of fun developing it.

The Other Shaft

hanging around

A straight forward level based on the scenery from Upper Shaft. All you have to do is get her out of there in as few moves as possible. OCD set at 89, a challenge but achievable. I think it's a fun level and have enjoyed making and playing it. Hope you like it.
Update, the OCD has been well and truly shafted by the Goo Wizards. So if you have the touch. You can save her in only 4 moves!

Server Bytes Back

The Hypnotic Head

A re-work of 'The Server Farm' level, with the help and ideas of the mad scientist.

The Gully

From the start

My first attempt at level building. It's the Beauty School layout, except this time you start down below and work your way up. Use the Ivy Goo Balls wisely to achieve level OCD.


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