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Christmas Of Goo

EDIT: Soon, Christmas of Goo will become a REAL level... Bigger, harder and better. Wait for it! Probably tomorrow it'll be finished, Smile.

My first ever level! Laughing out loud
Ok, so goo balls are trapped in a cave during X-Mas, and they wanna enjoy. So help them get out through the pipe. Simple.

OCD: 14 balls (easy)
Balls to pass: 4 balls

I got the background from PSD Graphics (

Industrial Revolution

Sea of Pain

Build Underway

This level is based on tower of goo 2.0 but instead of going up you must go right. I have edited it to have very deep water and underwater currents.

Trust me, it is harder than it looks (I have only just maneged to complete it)

I recommend you do not try for the OCD.

Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution Thumb

This mod gives your goo balls a Industrial look.

It was first made publicly available at the 0.6 beta

All gooballs edited


This mod gives your gooballs Santa hats and makes the goo corp snowy


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