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JamesTue, 10/19/2010 - 15:1635.68m1,2781 week 1 day
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WoG BETA pack

free to download

hello chapes this is a beta pack I made feature the old BETA vershion of some of the WoG levels that are been made for a looooong time ago

JamesOfGoo's NotWOG2 Project Levels

Back when me, James, and a few other folks were working on the fanmade sequel project, there were a few ideas for storylines, new Goo Balls, and levels floating around. Nobody did anything with them. Well, hardly anybody. While the rest of us threw ideas around and talked stuff over and generally did nothing whatsoever, James here went off and actually did something. James made levels. Lots of them.

The original Tower of Goo!


It's the original Tower of Goo in goomod form! Some graphics and such were from the original game, and the balls were styled and slightly edited to look like the old ones! Since there was an unlimited version, a dispenser is put at the left for you to add as much goo as you want!... As long as your computer can handle it. Tongue



Happy Halloween Everybody'z! :P

Happy Halloween! Brought to you by James! (or sometimes known as JamesOfGoo!)

The suns coming up! After a time of haunting, you have to reach your graves that mysteriously went missing! That pipe up there, however, looks like it might go somewhere...

Music is the Piazolla loop (backwards) used in Tower of goo: Unlimited, and the original ToG release.

Credit to Albino Pokey for the Dead Trees.


There he is! :D

Featuring David C! This was his trip down is the Cave during the Summer! Tongue (okay this may be a bit exagerated, but it's fun!)


Glimpse 1

You only have a glimpse before the bomb explodes.


Egg Worm Generator

The Egg Worm Generator. The Eggs were glitchy, so the blocks will replace them until they get fixed.


ISHsandbox. Nothing more really. Only 3 types of balls. (kinda small...)


Burning Man Revenge

See how many goo balls you can get before Burning Man creams you.

UPDATED: Now has more solid walls, and better graphic placement.

The bones are supposed to defend against the red terror, in case you didn't know. (but they aren't quite effective...)



This is a think-real-hard thing, so any goo you earn from your thought is all yours.


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