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Ghost Balls

Goo Souls in action!

Goo scientists found it more fun to build structures with Goo Ball souls. So, they have made... the SOUL-RELEASING POTION! This potion, when gave to your common goo balls, releases their souls, and enables them to be built with!

Anyways, in reality...
This mod changes common goo balls to look like ghosts, with transparent, blue bodies / strands, and blank, soulless eyes... which is ironic, because they are souls!

The Hype Ball's Testing Chamber

Hype Balls

The first level with the new genetically-modified Hype Balls, and it's also my first level in general!

Not really for enjoyment, but just to see the Hype balls in action.

Must have my Hype Balls addin enabled to play.

Can't see the images (e.g. black background)? Try Alt-Tab.

Also, I will say it for a second time:

Hype Balls

Hype Balls

They're fast, energy packed, not sticky, light, blue, and pink... they're HYPE!!!
This new type of gooball is a genetically modified common goo! (We have some smart scientists, dont we?)

Anyways, let's get back to reality.
This mod is for any one who wants to make or play a level including these balls.

To see them in action, keep an eye out for "The Hype Ball's Testing Chamber"!!!


Information on Hype:
Walks & climbs around 2x the speed as common
2x lighter, too
3 strands
Occasionally jumps 3x as high

Invisible Strands

No! Don't drink the invisible potion! Too late.

This new Goo (tm) Invisibility Potion makes the gooball type of your choice* into a INVISIBLE GOOBALL!** You can prank your friends, make it look like a magic trick, or combine it with our Goo (tm) Bakery Products to make FLOATING FOOD! Or, for a more "positive" approach, you can make it higher priority than your smiley gooballs to make MID-AIR SMILEYS! So, buy today for 19.99 USD!***

*Your choice only has common, albino, water,ivy, and WoGC. Deal with it.
**Only the strands are invisible.
***Just kidding. It's free. Just scroll down and click on "Downloads".****

Bakery Balls

Cake squares? And toaster strudels!!!

Cookies and toaster strudels and pies - oh my! And don't forget... cake squares?

This turns some of the most common balls of Goo(tm) into Goo Bakery Products(tm). Goo(tm) and Goo Bakery Products(tm) are trademarks of World of Goo Corporation,inc.

Camo World of Goo Corp Balls

Where are they?

This mod makes the Goo Corp balls look camo. Speaking of them, I don't seem to see them....

Messed Up

Balloons? Down? No, i must be seeing things.

This mod is crazy! It mixed up the looks of Ivy, Common, Albino, and more! OH NOES!!!


It transforms balloons into goocola.

The idea as mine,but Pavke fixed my errors.This is my first mod.

Smiley Face Balls

Common & Balloons in Fisty's Bog (0.2)

This mod changes [in the latest version] just about ALL gooballs to unique smileys. Version 0.2 is for the demo version of WoG.
Changes: (drumroll) The Timebug problem is now fixed after a whole lot of pretty hard work! (Well, not THAT hard.) Now you don't have to click on those VERY ugly faces I drew to go back in time a move! Yes, I just insulted version 1.1 . Sorry 1.1 .
Changes: added Far Lands smileys. NOTE: if you want these Far Lands smileys to work, make sure Smiley Face Balls is higher on GooTool's goomod list than Far Lands.


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