Invisible Strands

No! Don't drink the invisible potion! Too late.Author: jmleleven
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Release date: 12/11/2009 - 15:09
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This new Goo (tm) Invisibility Potion makes the gooball type of your choice* into a INVISIBLE GOOBALL!** You can prank your friends, make it look like a magic trick, or combine it with our Goo (tm) Bakery Products to make FLOATING FOOD! Or, for a more "positive" approach, you can make it higher priority than your smiley gooballs to make MID-AIR SMILEYS! So, buy today for 19.99 USD!***

*Your choice only has common, albino, water,ivy, and WoGC. Deal with it.
**Only the strands are invisible.
***Just kidding. It's free. Just scroll down and click on "Downloads".****
****Or click on "Install Now with GooTool" in the column to the right.*****
*****I like asterisks.

There are 4 screenshots.

No! Don't drink the invisible potion! Too late.
Ivy, did you kill your strands again?
AaAaAaHhHhHhHhHh!!!!!!! Random Albino dots!!
Falling in a line, or sitting on mid-air platforms? Hmmm...
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