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MOM4Evr's Handy Chapter Tutorial

Island 2 Map

This is a simple chapter addin that I whipped up in a few days for my chapter tutorial here. It overrides chapter 2 with a bunch of levels of my own creation from the NotWOG2 project. Special thanks to those who helped:

-- XDBoy, for the awesome intro movie (created with an early alpha version of GooVIE before it was released)
-- xanax, for the artwork in CrushingTest
-- puggsoy, since I loosely based this off his "Puggsoy's Island" mod
-- goomatz, for his XSL knowledge

The Night Sky

The normal background (sky_blue_2a)

As the sun sank over the last of the Goo hills, one of the Goo Balls seemed to say...

that World of Goo looks really amazing at night!

This mod gives all the Goo Balls those little sparkles from Fly Her to the Moon, replaces some of the music (thanks Hany and Pianoforte!), and makes the images darker.

It's in 5 parts, plus a simple demo. Please download all 5! It's awesome! Laughing out loud

Fly Her to the Moon

Don't trust the rumors: the Moon is still up there!

It's a small turn for Beauty Goo, but a revolution for Gookind!
The level with too much space-time, and glowing Antigrav-Water-Goo!

  • Level design: XDboy
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler, XDboy, Google, NASA
  • Music: Cobalt Blue Sphere by PianoForte from newgrounds.com

Thanks to 2D Boy, David Croft, zark92, PianoForte and Elfe!

Infinitive Windows Freezer

Half-assed new screenshot

by XDboy

NEW! - GooTool(R) AdScience(tm) - Billboard flavor.
Infinite Goo wasn't enough, now this addin also features some awesome Advertising Idol billboards. And that doesn't mean just those of the contest.
Start your own World(of Goo)wide Ad-Campaign* today!
Although the Billboard Contest is over, you can still design and upload your own billboards to goofans.com and let the new GooTool Billboard Update function** flood your marketing messages into millions*** of games of valued customers. Please follow the guidelines of the recently closed Billboard Contest.

new, too: a Death Zone, Bone Goo Balls, labels up to 500m.


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