Fly Her to the Moon

Don't trust the rumors: the Moon is still up there!Author: XDboy
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Release date: 07/01/2009 - 20:16
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It's a small turn for Beauty Goo, but a revolution for Gookind!
The level with too much space-time, and glowing Antigrav-Water-Goo!

  • Level design: XDboy
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler, XDboy, Google, NASA
  • Music: Cobalt Blue Sphere by PianoForte from

Thanks to 2D Boy, David Croft, zark92, PianoForte and Elfe!


...the final frontier.

Ever since she was a little Goo Bally, she's dreaming of travelling to the Moon.
Now you have the opportunity to make her dream come true!
May the force of gravity be with you!

- the weightless Sign Painter

Once upon a time, i started a thread at 2D Boy's forum to get help to make this level better. Since then, not much has changed, it's still not perfect. But i finally came around to publish it anyway, since it's -even in the current form- not the lamest level around here. Wink

Known Bug:
Sometimes the ballbuster (the thing that blasts Beauty to pieces) doesn't work. Try moving Beauty Goo a bit. Most likely it will work when it touches her the next time, then.

There are 6 screenshots.

Don't trust the rumors: the Moon is still up there!
Fly Her to the Moon!
Do you think there's a Borg Cube? 'Cause it isn't. It's a Gorb Square. The flat appearence may have given it away.
What's that, you ask? Water Goo. Genetically altered by the WoG.Corp. Obviously they got hold of a super-secret NASA technology.
A Goo pipeline in outer space? Disolving into nothingness? Seriously?!
Don't feel bad, if it takes more time, and a loooot more moves for you. ;-)
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