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Albino Pokey hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Up the Boxes

The gooballs have come back to MOM to know what had happened. Sadly all of them went to the World of Goo Memorial and Recreation Center where they are currently being stored and helping in fixing the World of Goo Corporation.

After the big explosion of the Virtual World of Goo Corporation, it damaged a few areas in the Information Superhighway.

Since the gooballs couldn't come to meet MOM, they asked their old friend the two Application to reach MOM. But the explosion destroyed all nearby lands and surfaces so the Application were confused. They had to reach MOM in anyway possible!

A Present from AP

No screenshot

The password to the internal 7Z will appear on Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

EDIT: The password is "aditus" without quotes.

I wanted to post this to show that the Goofans Game isn't necessarily dead, despite the long silence. After Red and Howitz left I eventually had a breakthrough with Box2D, and now there's a basic platform game set up. Try playing with the XML files.

Little Inferno Level Creation Contest

It's Little Inferno Just For Me!

These are all four entries from the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. The contest is over now, but feel free to play the levels below!

The level-by-level breakdown, as well as the winner, can be found here.

Up The Chimney

My entry for Little Inferno Level Creation Contest, also the winning entry. A simple level, supposed to represent the fireplace and chimney in Little Inferno.

You can play the original entry level here, along with the rest of the entries.

Flashblack Tower


Did you really think that I would make an entire chapter of darkness-based levels without something like this? Wink

And I completely did not get the idea for this after playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Definitely not.

This addin really needs a video, so if any of you could record one or know of some good video software that would be great.

Crazy Flying

There are lots of these.

If you ever felt that World of Goo was too easy, this level is for you. It's...moderately challenging. Evil

From the end of Another Planet, Chapter 3. An optional level.

Many thanks to the excellent piano player Sebastian Wolff, aka German Seabass, for the music in this level. I didn't think it was humanly possible to play it that quickly.

Crushers - Prototype

The Crusher!

This is an idea that I had recently. There will be a long line of these things, which you need to activate one by one.

Then you need to slide underneath.

Hopefully you activated them into a good patten for this. Wink

Minecraft Signs

This replaces all wooden signs with Minecraft-y signs. This changes both the sign graphics and the sign fonts. Keep in mind that this applies only to wooden signs, digital signs inside Chapter 4 remain unchanged.
This is just something I put together, initially as a suggestion from kirdneh, as a reply to my Wooden Signs mod. I also had a great lot of help from Albino Pokey, who supplied the font and images.

Albino Pokey's Map Contest 2 Entry: "The Caves of Strange Darkness"

The new Goo Balls

The Goo Balls found a cave, but are afraid to explore it. Maybe they need some help.


By the way, the reason the subtitle uses "thou" is because it's a quote from Shakespeare. Can anyone give me the play, act, and scene? Smile

Birthday Theme


Happy Birthday, World of Goo!

  • Most of the Goo Balls got party hats for the occasion!
  • 2D Boy built a new office, which is shooting fireworks!
  • The Fuse Goo Balls didn't like the hats, so they're in charge of throwing confetti everywhere!
  • Confetti is falling in some of the other levels, as well.

All fixed now! It was the text.xml that was the problem.


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