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Albino Pokey's Map Contest 1 Entry

Sliding down the hill

My entry for the mapping contest. It involves using Launch Goo and Trampolines together. Enjoy!

Note to moderators: I'm not sure how you submit a map for the contest. I'll be gone when the deadline comes, so I'm submitting it now. Smile


The Dark Maze

Glowing Goo!

A sample of Chapter 3 from Another Planet.

Glowing Goo!

Feel free to use it in your mods, but give me credit as a co-author.

Technical details: it's using an additive shadow with a cool texture on it. This means it lights up walls, spikes, the "this-way-to-the-pipe-bouncing-arrow", et cetera.


Meteor Shower


Happy Holiday-Name-Here Everyone! I saw this in my unpublished addins and decided to bring it back.

The Flingy Wall

The Flingy?

Welcome to the World of Goo Corporation Experimental Goo Ball Test Chamber.

These are the FLINGY balls, a strange mix of a Launch goo and an Ivy goo.


Un-Poisonable Ivies


This mod gives you a new type of Goo Ball: an Ivy that cannot be poisoned! It's called "IvyNB" for "No Burn."

Several Goo Balls have said that they are relieved they will never again have to worry about Ivy structures being destroyed unexpectedly.

"This mod is great!" said one Ivy Goo Ball, from the level Rock Slide.

Oh, and...see if you can notice...there's one more difference between these and real Ivies...

To distribute:

Add a <depends> to com.goofans.AP.IvyNB in the addin.xml. No version number is needed.

The Night Sky

The normal background (sky_blue_2a)

As the sun sank over the last of the Goo hills, one of the Goo Balls seemed to say...

that World of Goo looks really amazing at night!

This mod gives all the Goo Balls those little sparkles from Fly Her to the Moon, replaces some of the music (thanks Hany and Pianoforte!), and makes the images darker.

It's in 5 parts, plus a simple demo. Please download all 5! It's awesome! Laughing out loud

World of Goo: Another Planet


Chapters 1 through 3 are now released as a total conversion! The original levels are available through a modified version of WorldSpin used on island1.

Since this is an ENORMOUS file I'm not able to upload it here. Here's a Dropbox link for now. Sorry about this, I'll get it up as soon as possible.

EDIT: The Dropbox link has gone down, but it's been rehosted by Gooey Goo here. Many thanks!

The Ancient Temple

The Ancient Goo Balls!

Wow...these ruins must be thousands of years old!

Maybe there are ancient Goo Balls living here!

The thing is, they don't like it outside the temple. They detach and teleport back after 30 seconds.

If anyone (DaB? Pavke?) gets OCD, leave a comment and I will post your video! I'm not sure it's possible yet...I would also like a normal completion video. I have SnagIt, but it's incompatible with Win7.

For anyone who's interested:

The Albino Pokey Goo Ball Library

Albino Pokey!

This is currently a beta version, just so that people can see it. All it does is add some new Goo Balls which can be used in levels.

It includes:

  • Glow
  • Glow Product
  • Gold
  • Evil
  • Inferno
  • UtilEarthquake
  • Helium
  • Ice

Heat Bomb test

The stucture (Left) and the Heat Bomb (Right)

I have made my first goo! Its a shaft bomb but red, burns longer, Bigger explosion radious and eyes are different. This is only a sample. The reason Albino Pokey is an additional author is cause he helped me out alot in how to make goos. You may use this new goo in your own level but to find it look for "BombHeat".


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