World of Goo: Another Planet

Landing!Author: Albino Pokey
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Chapters 1 through 3 are now released as a total conversion! The original levels are available through a modified version of WorldSpin used on island1.

Since this is an ENORMOUS file I'm not able to upload it here. Here's a Dropbox link for now. Sorry about this, I'll get it up as soon as possible.

EDIT: The Dropbox link has gone down, but it's been rehosted by Gooey Goo here. Many thanks!

If you find the electrical particle effects overwhelming, install the "electone" addin from the Archived section as well. That'll reduce the intensity a bit.

Note: this is NOT an official expansion and is not connected to the proposed "World of Goo 2."


Albino Pokey - level design and programming
Ron Carmel - World of Goo physics engine
Kyle Gabler - art and music
Pianoforte, Daisuke Amaya, Sebastian Wolff - music
Aaron Jacobs - the violin solo on the map screen
Daft as Brush, James, MOM4Evr, Mygod, and lots of other people on Goofans - debugging

I know this has been a long time in the making, and I'm sorry it's taken so long to release. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making it.

There are 10 screenshots.

Happy Holidays!
This old level is in there.
Woo, volcanoes!
This old level is also in there, but I improved it.
This is the Moon 2.0.
Chapter 3 starts with a time-limited level called Mining.
My favorite old level, Rockslide.
The new replacement for Light the Fuse is a little bit like
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