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ExchangeGOOtentFri, 09/24/2010 - 03:2317.27m1,0857 hours 11 min
Luigi74437Fri, 07/23/2010 - 16:4418.33m8743 days 31 min
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Force Field maddness

Which way?

Navigate your way through the forcefields around the place, but be quick, its a time OCD. This level has the sandbox_pixel, which is a detachable goo and made by ExchangeGOOtent.

Virus Box

Infected bit and the Box...

This is the sequel to "Virus!" (Bug School 3 is not part of the Virus series). Get the box to the bottom of the pit to up grade it.

At the moment I have 2 problems in this level...they are:
. My AntiVirusPixel goo ball won't work
. I can't make an ISHR pipe cause for some reason it keeps on screwing up so I put pictures over the ISH pipe

To see what you think might be the problem with the antiviruspixel look at screen shot 2,3,4...(The antiviruspixel is being temperarily replaced by the pixel product for now)


The Aftermath

On top of Bob.

A civil war has started between the goo nation. The northen goo balls are winning the war, and the poor southern goos are dying in pain. Help them reach the pipe to get to the WOG Corp and make a comeback! But be careful, the northern goos have sent two evils to make the job even harder!

Bug School #3

The Question...

This time the sign painter isn't helping you!

This bug was found by me accidentally when I was trying to do something else. OCD is 9 Seconds but I have finished it in 5 seconds.

Important notice!: If you find the bug don't tell ANYBODY!

Edit: Due to the fact that the bug didn't always work it has now been replaced with a feature...

Ice Age

Above Ground

The Ice Age was a terribly cold time in...time. No one liked it. The World Goo Committee decided to end this, but they had to go down deep into the earth and heat it up there.

This goomod contains the following goos:
. BombHeat
. Ice
. C_common
. SeaPokey
. Sandbox_Anchor
. Virus
. NewVirus
. VolcanicProduct
. FireProduct
. LightProduct
. EarthProduct
. VineBall

Excape from the paper world!

Beauty and the tunnel.

1. DaB Mentioned that he would like my virus goo to have that fling trail affect when burning (Watch the vid to see what I mean) but I don't know how.(I don't use wooble so it would help if you told me in the hand decoding form)

2. I know how to make goomods for levels but how do you make goomods that contain files and folders (Eg. Albino Pokey's goo ball Libary)


The basic level...

This was my first goo I made that could go into the pipe. This is only a sample.

By the way DaB. How do I do what you did to the virus goo (Eg.Flingtrail)?

Edit: If I want to change the number of strands or weight of the goo ball (By hand not wooble) Would I only have to change strands, tower mass and the other this or something else?

Edit 2: I have changed this sample into a level which is kinda fun. New OCD is 100 (But when you play you will think "WTH") New stuff: a 3rd evil eye, a sticky bomb, a fire and 2 other things...

Ugly school

The whole level.

My first challenging level is here!(That is the OCD) Get NonFlyUgly to the pipe as fast as you can. Custom goos: NonFlyUgly, Common_Pink, BombStickySP and RectSP.


Ever since I learnt how to use woogle I have always wanted to make a level similar to this...but back then I didn't know how to make goo balls and because I'm the creator of NonFlyUgly that goo didn't exist. Now thanks to my good friend here my first level Idea has came to life! OCD is 35 seconds.



SP have been replaced with a RectHead and a BombSticky.

Pink Planet

The PNG file picture of the planet...

You have landed on a mysterious pink planet with bad graphics. 3 moons (Not all needed) A Common_Pink (My latest goo similar to Common_black)structure base a black hole and a line of fire.


The Stucture and Pokey (Right) and the Spawner (Left)...

My 2nd spawn point. This is a time destruction level...and keep the Ivys away from the fire! You need to chuck the bombs to beat the level. OCD is 75 seconds (Off memory) and I got 64 seconds (I think). Evil


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