Excape from the paper world!

Beauty and the tunnel.Author: ExchangeGOOtent
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Release date: 09/22/2010 - 22:02
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1. DaB Mentioned that he would like my virus goo to have that fling trail affect when burning (Watch the vid to see what I mean) but I don't know how.(I don't use wooble so it would help if you told me in the hand decoding form)

2. I know how to make goomods for levels but how do you make goomods that contain files and folders (Eg. Albino Pokey's goo ball Libary)

The level isn't finished yet cause in the final version it will have paper goo and a paper sign and wheel. I even haven't tested the level myself cause I'm going on a camp tomorrow! But I'm sure its fine at the moment.


Version 0.4 (Yeah I know I skipped versions 0.2 and 0.3 but they sucked) is now out. Version 0.5 will happen eventually.


I think 0.7 will be the 2nd to last version...this level will eventually have paper goo balls in it!


Custom Pipe will be tempoarilly removed until the bug is fixed.


Questions have been answered and I think that the ELP pipe is now working so tell me iff it is or isn't.

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Beauty and the tunnel.
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