In addition to the 4 "normal" pipes ('Grey','BLACK','BEAUTY' and 'ISH') it is possible to add your own custom pipes.
You could simply override the original graphics with your own, but this would also change the pipes throughout the original levels. So if you want to keep your special pipes "to yourself" and only use them in your levels... here's how.

Choose a name for your pipe

Something descriptive and "unique"... certainly nothing that has been used before. I used LEMON and since it is case-sensitive you are best sticking to UPPERCASE like the original types.

Create the new graphics

You will almost certainly need to create images for the open and closed mouth and the pipe itself, and it will be easiest if you keep the original naming convention for these images


You could also create new images for the bends or corners, although for LEMON I just used the original black corner graphics that are used on the Grey,Black and Beauty pipes.

Add the Pipe Resources

If you plan to use this pipe in just 1 or 2 levels, you should add the resources to the level directly. Import the pipe images into your level then change the resource ids to match the list below. WooGLE will then automatically include the pipe resources and graphics in the goomod.

If you plan to make a level pack or chapter which uses the custom pipe many times, you should add the resources to the global properties/resources.xml.bin. However, you will need to add a merge file and all the necessary graphics to the goomod yourself.


Notes about image files:
The paths shown above are for example only, you may use any valid image file for any of the pipe resources.
The image files do not have to be in res/images/levelimages, and if this pipe will only be used in one level it would be best if you put the images in the level folder.
You can use the original black bend images by simply omitting the _{PIPENAME} from the paths for the BEND resources.

Set the pipe type

Finally you need to set the pipe's type attribute.
This must exactly match the {PIPENAME} you used in the resource ids.
NB: You can only enter a "custom" name into type in WooGLE v0.74 and above. If you use a "custom" pipe then it will display as bright red in the level view.

If you want a closer look, or a reference for creating your own pipe, you can download my Lemon Pipe Demo below

lemonpipe.goomod15.38 KB