Holds the information about the Goo Balls in the level, as well as things like where the pipe is, how many goos you need to collect and what music is played. See the bottom of the page for a full list.

It also has several attributes of it's own, listed below are those you may find quite useful... Full Details on all level attributes


The number of Goo Balls required to finish the level. Required on levels with a levelexit, ignored on those without.


If set to true this attribute limits the camera to "explored" areas only.
What consistutes an "explored area" is explained in more detail here - Explored Area


If set to true prevents the player from attaching Goo Balls through geometry objects. Useful for preventing building through walls or thin platforms. Can cause minor player "annoyance" when it prevents you for building near corners.


The probability per move that a new time bug will appear. Values above about 0.5 will result in many timebugs, values around 0.1 will result in "a few", set 0 to disable timebugs completely.


If set to true displays an overlay showing geometry and other invisible objects. Static objects appear in yellow, Dynamic objects in Green, ForceFields in Blue. This can be very useful during the design phase, but should be set to false before you release the level.

The Level Tree contains....