There are two background sounds that can be played during your level: music and an additional loopsound. Both can be set from buttons on the WooGLE toolbar or from the Resources menu.

What music does should be obvious. loopsound provides additional background sound effects.. like wind, water or squeaky windmills.

You can select any ogg sound file to be either music or loopsound - see below for lists of those used in the original game. If you want to use your own music or sound effects you will need to convert them to Vorbis ogg format... [more information on sound files]

Music files

Sound files

Music by Level Name

Level Music File Loop Sound
AB3 Overture98Excerpt1 loop_strongwind
BeautyAndTheTentacle screamer loop_rainLite
BeautySchool temp_CarnivalLoop
BlusteryDay temp_jelly loop_strongwind
BulletinBoardSystem Overture98Excerpt1 loop_squeaksInTheWind
BurningMan stratloop
Chain temp_jelly
Deliverance temp_DWtD1
Drool temp_CarnivalLoop loop_waterPond
EconomicDivide temp_DWtD2
FistyReachesOut RainRainWindyWindy
FlyAwayLittleOnes RainRainWindyWindy
FlyingMachine temp_jelly
GeneticSortingMachine temp_DWtD1
GoingUp temp_CarnivalLoop
GracefulFailure ReveilleDNT
GrapeVineVirus temp_DWtD2 loop_bubbles
GraphicProcessingUnit ReveilleDNT
HangLow RainRainWindyWindy
HelloWorld YearsOfWork
HTInnovationCommittee temp_islandam loop_superbirds
ImmigrationNaturalizationUnit temp_miniottbb loop_shore
ImpaleSticky temp_miniottbb
IncinerationDestination temp_DWtD1 loop_fire
InfestyTheWorm RainRainWindyWindy loop_beforeItRains
island1 temp_islandam loop_firewater
island2 threadcutter loop_squeaksInTheWind
island3 notld_anthem_excerpt1 loop_strongwind
island4 YearsOfWork loop_strongwind
island5 alwaysdestroythethingsilove(excerpt) loop_strongwind
IvyTower temp_DWtD2
LeapHole temp_CarnivalLoop
MapWorldView temp_main
MistysLongBonyRoad RainRainWindyWindy loop_strongwind
MOM bigcomputer1
ObservatoryObservationStation alwaysdestroythethingsilove(excerpt) loop_eveningWater
OdeToBridgeBuilder OdeToTheBridgeBuilder
ProductLauncher notld_anthem_excerpt1 loop_celebrityCrowd
RedCarpet n2 loop_celebrityCrowd
RegurgitationPumpingStation temp_DWtD1
RoadBlocks screamer loop_strongwind
SecondHandSmoke temp_DWtD2
SuperFuseChallengeTime kaptainpolka
TheServer temp_CarnivalLoop loop_eveningWater
ThirdWheel OdeToTheBridgeBuilder loop_squeaksInTheWind
TowerOfGoo kaptainpolka
Tumbler kaptainpolka
UpperShaft stratloop loop_fire
VolcanicPercolatorDaySpa temp_DWtD2 loop_bubbles
WaterLock temp_miniottbb loop_waterPond
WeatherVane threadcutter loop_squeaksInTheWind
Whistler temp_jelly
wogc RainRainWindyWindy loop_squeaksInTheWind
wogc3d DikkiPainguinLoop(rev-1) loop_celebrityCrowd
wogcd bigcomputer2 loop_superbirds
YouHaveToExplodeTheHead screamer loop_fire