The process for uploading addins should be fairly intuitive. From the "World of Goo Addins" menu along the top of the screen, choose "Upload an Addin".

You are prompted for some basic information about your addin: the name, description and type. The description can use limited HTML including hyperlinks, lists, headings and so forth.

The addin type should be one of the following:

A set of levels that replaces a chapter in the original game.
A new playable level.
Level Pack
A set of multiple levels, all of which will appear in Chapter 1 (Unlike a Chapter addin)
Ball Style (World of Goo Corp)
Changes the appearance of balls in the World of Goo Corporation.
Ball Style (Other)
Changes the appearance of other balls in game (e.g. Ivy, common).
Changes the graphical appearance something in the game, whether a level, chapter, or the UI.
Something that runs outside of the World of Goo, such as GooTool or wogeditor.
Example addins, such as demonstrations of functionality. Not generally useful for a player.
Any addin that doesn't fit into one of the above categories.

Screenshots and videos

You can upload as many screenshots as you like. They will automatically be thumbnailed to appropriate sizes (currently 200x200 in the addin page and 150x150 in preview teasers), and the user can click on them to see the full version. The first screenshot in the list is the one used for the previews of this addin.

You can also link to YouTube videos, which will be automatically embedded in your page. Just enter the full YouTube URL, for example

Note that you can rearrange the order of both screenshots and videos by dragging the little handle on the left of each row.


Once you've saved your addin, you can go to the "Downloads" tab and upload attached files. Once they're uploaded you can edit them or change their state.

The download is active and is shown on your addin page.
The download is not displayed by default, but can be shown by clicking "Show archived downloads", and can still be downloaded by users.
The download is effectively deleted. Users cannot see or download it; it is only visible to the author. It is never actually deleted because we keep download statistics for old versions.


When you first create your addin, it is not yet visible to the public. You will see an orange box at the top of the page warning you about this. However you can continue to edit the page, including screenshots, videos, and downloads.

Once you have completed your page, you can click the link at the top to tell us your addin is ready for publishing. Note that you cannot do this until you have uploaded files and added a description. Also note that we will not publish an unfinished page.

Any questions? Ask in the forum.