This is for any Linux users who are having a difficult time getting WooGLE to run. I'm running Kubuntu 10.10, but most other flavors of Linux should have similar steps.

As far as I know, a single, stand-alone package is not possible for Linux, so even if you install the .deb, it may or may not work. The best thing to do here is to build the pyCrypto library from source, which is easy enough. You just have to use the proper version.

To build it from source, you'll need the python-dev library, and maybe some others (they ought to be fairly straightforward to install).

Anyways, to cut to the chase, here's what all you have to do. (Although I imagine most Linux users can figure it all out anyhow, but this is for Linux newbies like me):

Step 1: Install python-dev
Just one standard terminal command. Simple enough.

sudo apt-get install python-dev

Step 2: compile pyCrypto from source and install it
Download pyCrypto 2.0.1. I've had trouble running WooGLE off of newer versions. This version did the trick for me (the site that's linked to in the 3RD_PARTY_linux text file in the source seems to be down).
Once you're done downloading it, unzip the tarball and navigate to that folder in a terminal. Next, a couple simple commands, taken directly from their readme:

python build
sudo python install

Step 3: Run the thing!
For WooGLE, installing the .deb is nice and easy, but if it doesn't seem to work out, running it from source isn't hard either; just download the source, unzip, navigate to the folder, and pop open a terminal:

chmod +x (only the first time you try to run it)

If you want to create your own desktop icon for this, it's pretty simple, but as I said before, the .deb works fine.

All of the above applies to WooBLE, too, except that since there is no .deb, you have to run it from source. This shouldn't be a terribly big problem, though.

I've toyed around some with running GooVIE in Linux... It doesn't work so well. After manually tweaking some of the python (adding an "=" character to all the struct.unpack() formatting strings in, I can get it running and playing cutscenes fine, but saving them back crashes the game. It could just be 64-bit Linux or my Python version, it could just be me.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, ask here or in the forum.