The basic level...Author: ExchangeGOOtent
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Release date: 09/08/2010 - 23:08
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This was my first goo I made that could go into the pipe. This is only a sample.

By the way DaB. How do I do what you did to the virus goo (Eg.Flingtrail)?

Edit: If I want to change the number of strands or weight of the goo ball (By hand not wooble) Would I only have to change strands, tower mass and the other this or something else?

Edit 2: I have changed this sample into a level which is kinda fun. New OCD is 100 (But when you play you will think "WTH") New stuff: a 3rd evil eye, a sticky bomb, a fire and 2 other things...

Edit 3: 3 Pixel Product structres have been made with a Pilot on the one furthest away.

There are 2 screenshots.

The basic level...
The Pilot and 2 structures..
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