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MOM4Evr's Handy Chapter Tutorial

Island 2 Map

This is a simple chapter addin that I whipped up in a few days for my chapter tutorial here. It overrides chapter 2 with a bunch of levels of my own creation from the NotWOG2 project. Special thanks to those who helped:

-- XDBoy, for the awesome intro movie (created with an early alpha version of GooVIE before it was released)
-- xanax, for the artwork in CrushingTest
-- puggsoy, since I loosely based this off his "Puggsoy's Island" mod
-- goomatz, for his XSL knowledge

Through The Gears

We have to get to that flame!

A level that is part of 'Computer Craziness'.

Devil Goo Ball

Screenshot made with the french version of World of Goo

This is a mod that makes Goo balls look devilish.

In fact, the .goomod file only changes the common goo ball from dark grey to red (and it also adds horns to gooballs).

Jingle Balls

The Christmas tree and the gift

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The Goo Balls were nestled all snug by the fire.
In hope of avoiding the Sign Painter's ire.

Fat chance.


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