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The password to the internal 7Z will appear on Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

EDIT: The password is "aditus" without quotes.

I wanted to post this to show that the Goofans Game isn't necessarily dead, despite the long silence. After Red and Howitz left I eventually had a breakthrough with Box2D, and now there's a basic platform game set up. Try playing with the XML files.

But if this is to work, I think anyone who wants to be on the project really has to commit to seeing it through. I don't agree that a project with lots of contributors is doomed to fail--I mean, compare the state of NotWog2 with the state of AP--but I don't want this project to become vaporware.

So who's interested in continuing the project? We would need scripters, coders, artists, writers, level designers, playtesters...so really anyone who wants to see it through.

Enjoy the simple default level (I was using it to test masks, note that not everything collides as you would expect) and try playing around with the files. The only two shape types not in the level are Chain (uses vertices like Polygon, and has the attribute loop="bool") and Edge. And note what happens if there's a syntax error: look at stderr.txt afterward.

Merry Christmas! Santa

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