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dimaTue, 07/05/2011 - 09:508.53m8611 day 4 hours
movildimaTue, 11/06/2012 - 13:369.23m1,09818 hours 52 min
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Alternative Chapter

Alternative Sign Painter

!!!This is only a demo package!!!

This is our alternative chapter. We upload this first level so you can rate it. If you'll like it we'll finish whole chapter.

Russian Language pack

World of Goo Corporation

Finally after a long time, I made this addin that enables Russian!!! Laughing out loud
Please read down below:

This mod adds Russian localization in the game. Please set the game language to Russian in the GooTool's Options tab. This mod changes the original World of Goo font in a different one. Sorry for that. Don't use this mod if your game already has Russian fonts!!! It was made only for non-russian game.

From now being, I'm going to post translations for other levels in Russian!

Big Impale Sticky


My first level.

Too easy...

Ocd: 24 balls. I know it's too easy...


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