Kyle has just announced a new version of World of Goo for Win/Mac/Linux. This version 1.5 brings improved graphics and technical updates under the hood. Although there is no new content, this should make the game look and run better on modern computers.

If you bought the game directly from 2D Boy, you can use your original download link or resend the download link. If you bought it elsewhere, the update will be available over the coming days.

I will be looking at what changes are needed to GooTool over the weekend. I have also moved the repository from Subversion to GitHub if anyone would like to look over it. There are two versions there - the trunk contains a large amount of in-progress development to abstract deployment "targets" (including remote targets, which was set up for deploying to iOS over SCP), and a 1.0.4-dev branch that is probably safer to use as it has only minor changes from the last public release.