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World of Goo

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momoMon, 05/31/2010 - 13:0011.23m1,3593 days 1 hour
momoThu, 02/17/2011 - 13:124.45m6387 hours 14 min
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Going Up Cool (big mess)

OCD, yes

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created this level for fun and... it's fun to play (not to get the OCD lol)

Gooballs from... lot of people!

Gooballs from:


Based on momo1526's version of MattOG's sandbox.

This map has:

  • A zero-gravity zone
  • A venus zone
  • Gooball spawners by momo1526
  • HyperTube
  • Golden gooballs by MattOG
  • Lemon gooballs by momo1526
  • A pool
  • That thing from "Tumbler" level
  • That thing from "The server farm" level
  • That hand thing from the last level of Chapter 2
  • Pretty much every type of gooball
  • And not much more!
  • If momo1526/MattOG wants this to be removed, I will remove it.

    The Toy Factory

    This was meant to be my level entry for the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. However, I had already preordered the game, and was politely asked not to enter. So here it is! Enjoy!

    On an unrelated note, please check out my SoundCloud, MomoSoundWaves, if you like alternative music.

    Round the Arena

    The Thing

    My little work with sliders... Don't ask me what it is, I have no idea!

    How I Roll

    The three-eyed blue gooballs are back and ready to roll! Make sure you don't forget anything, you might get an unpleasant surprise when reaching the pipe...

    On an unrelated note, please check out my SoundCloud, MomoSoundWaves, if you like alternative music.


    Those 3 gooballs are all alone... What are you supposed to do? Maybe if you play with them a bit, something good might happen.
    Introducing my latest gooball:
    The- Wait, I'm not telling you, that would give it away! Evil
    Please, no spoilers, each player deserves a surprise!

    If you are interested by what I did with this gooball, check out the book page I wrote about
    Make sure you played the level first though!

    World of Goo UnderSnake

    UnderSnake Icon

    This is an entire World of Goo chapter that overrides Chapter 5

    It contains 10 levels for YOU to beat, in order, with 3 custom gooballs. Special thanks to Albino Pokey for providing the sequel and to Goomatz for fixing my island.xsl to allow cutscenes.
    Version 2.5:

    • Cutscenes
    • Island changed on Map World View
    • Level fixes to avoid loop holes



    Deadly Slide

    Both single player and muti player versions now available!
    If you are on linux, get the multi player version for full experience (check download tab)! Check out how to enable mutimouse here.
    My first level in a while now, I feel I can't make a level without innovating in a way... Enjoy!
    OCD not yet defined, give me your opinions!

    Boom and down

    New version 0.3

    this is an level where you go down

    NOTE:The original level name was going down and the folder name is goingdown


    Where you start

    A fun level

    so have fun!


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