If you got here, that means you played my level: Stranded.
If not, you might want to play it before you read this, it has


The falling attachment attribute, when set to true on a gooball, allows strands to attach to it when it is falling/thrown. This means you can start a level with no existing strands within the scene limits! This can be quite interesting...

The first thing I want to show you is a single stand ball with the fallingattachment attribute set to true. One gooball can be attached to the other when it is falling, like so:

However! The ball that was attached to remains in a detached state even though it has a strand! Here is what I mean:

This means that particular gooball can be sucked by the pipe, this can give some quite amusing results:

This is why:

The unattached with strand gooball is eligible to enter the pipe, so it does, and drags the attached gooball with it! This can cause crashes (though not necessarily).

Now, let's check out the gooball I used in the level, the DynamAttach. This is how the attachment works:

However, if one of the two on the structure gets sucked by the pipe, the game WILL crash!

This is why I set this gooball to not be suckable.

The fact this gooball can both have a strand AND be in a unattached state, means the structure can roll around, which is quite funny! Also, if you click then release the gooball on this mobile structure, it will switch to an attached state. You will have noticed both of these while playing the level.

I hope you enjoyed my little explanation on this attribute! I'm looking forward to see such gooballs from you!