Defines the graphics use for the mouse cursor when selecting and dragging Goo Balls.

drag : {Image Resource} : Required
Image displayed when selecting or dragging a Goo Ball
Required even if the ball is not draggable
detach : {Image Resource} : Required
Image displayed when attempting to detach a Goo Ball from a structure.
Required even if the ball is not detachable (or even attachable)
rotspeed : Float : Default = 0 (No rotation)
Rotation speed of the marker (radians per second)
Original balls used 2 or -2, except for Window Balls which used 0


Adds a particle effect to the ball in the give state.
In the original balls these tags are used mostly for sleeping ZZzz effects and "onfire" burning.

effect : {Point-Source Particle Effect} : Required
The particle effect to display.
state : list-of-{State Names} : Required (You must specify at least one state)
The name of a state, or a comma-separated list of several states, for which this effect will be displayed.
overball : true / false : default = false
If set to true, the particle effect will be drawn over the ball.
Is set to false, the effect will be drawn behind the ball.


Image displayed around / behind the ball when it is on (or near) geometry objects.
Only the parts of the image actually over the geometry are displayed.

image : {Image resource} : Required
The image to display.
additive : true / false : Default = false
Set to true, will make white shadow images act as a "glow" rather than a shadow.
Only used on albino balls and timebugs


Sounds that are played when something happens to the ball.

event : {Event Name} : Required
The name of the event for which the sound should be played
sounds : list-of-{Sound Resource} : Required
A sound, or a comma-separated list of several, to be played when the event occurs.
If more than one sound is given, one will be randomly selected.


image : list-of-{Image Resource} : Required
An image, or a comma-separated list of several, which are fly out from the ball when it is picked up or dropped by the player, or when it dies.
If the ball is a 'MOM' then the popparticles effect is show instead when it dies.