Stored in the res/islands/ folder, these files describe the setup of a chapter specifies which levels it contains. It also has additional infomation about each level which is not contained in the level files, such as OCD, movies to play, which level must be complete before this level can be played... etc.


name : String : Optional (Unused)
Text describing or naming this level. This text is not used anywhere within the game, so is used for identification purposes only.
map : {Level Name} : Required
The level id (folder) of the map for this chapter.
NB: There are some strict criteria regarding the contents of that level, described later.
icon : Global Image Resource : Required
The image to display on the level start screens for this chapter.


The <island> tag contains a level tag for each level in the chapter.

id : {Level Folder} : Required
The name / folder name of the level.
name : Global Text Resource : Required
The text for the Level Name
text : Global Text Resource : Required
The text for the Level Subtitle
ocd : balls/moves/time,number : Optional
Sets the OCD criteria for this level
eg. balls,11 moves,4 time,13
If omitted then there is no OCD, the games displays "This one is mine, The Sign Painter"
depends : list-of-{Level Id} : Optional
The id (or ids) of levels which must be completed before this level can be played.
Can be levels in this chapter, or in a "previous" chapter.
If omitted the level can always be played. (see Note below)
cutscene : list-of-3-movies : Optional
The names of the movies to play at the end of the level.
This list must always contain 3 valid items, x may be used when less than 3 "real" movies are requried.
examples : levelFadeOut,Chapter1End,gooTransition_out x,whistleUnlock,gooTransition_out
The 3 movies will play in order, however each one is overlayed onto a different background. You should take account of this when you create / design you movie.
The 1st Movie is overlay onto the level which has just been completed.
The music and sounds from that level will fade out in about 1 second at the start of the movie.
The 2nd movie is played over a solid black background.
The 3rd movie is played over the island you are returning to, or the main menu if you just completed the island.
he music / sounds from the island begin to play at the start of this movie, and will play at the same time as any sounds or music in the movie.
oncomplete : Recognised Command : Optional
When this level is completed the command given will be executed.
Mostly these commands affect flags in the profile info, which unlock a game feature or mode.
[Commands and Functions]
skipeolsequence : True / False : Optional
If this level uses the normal "level exit and pipe" end condition, this makes the game skip the "tank and scores" sequence, and jumps straight to any cutscene movies, when the "Continue" handle is pulled.
Used only in Genetic Sorting Machine

Note on playable levels.

Levels with no "depends" are always playable, however the chapter they are in may not be open.
Chapters are "open" if the first level specified in the island.xml is available.