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DanielSat, 10/11/2014 - 12:071.13m92113 hours 18 sec
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Juggle goo

This is a simple sandbox level including juggling skill. You can juggle up to 10 balls here and train yourself as there is no level exit. Have fun and please rate and comment. Peter B is an additional author for this cause it was HIS idea of the juggling style. You can download his addin here to challenge yourself on his juggling level and other levels. Install Peter B's addin here:

Forgotten goos

These are the goos that were on World of goo corporation property but were forgotten. For luck I found three types (The names I think out by myself):

1: Spike
2: Violet
3: Packman

Have fun and you can use the goos for your levels if you want to Wink (Please do cause there are meant to be original)

I don't have the level images but I have goo type images from 2dboy website.

World of goo Dyamond catchers DEMO

I cannot believe myself - I first merged 4 levels and it works! PLZ download the 1st beta version and check what levels are there. Rate only when I will make THE 3RD BETA VERSION NOT NOW cause then it's gona be more amazing and interesting! Just the thing is this:

Beta 1: 4 Merged levels.
Beta 2: 6 Levels in a chapter
Beta 3: 8 Levels in a chapter
Beta 4: All chapter
Final version: Chapter on the map world view.

Simple as goo pie to merge levels Wink

Block warning

Have you ever imagined something like this that one place is full of spikes but you cannot know where are the spikes where not? Whell you have to follow the blocks! They warn you - find out by yourself how to fix this I just gave you a clue - If you find out do not tell anyone, OK?

Crazy tumbler

Whats happened? ...

The tumbler crashed and goos can't get out!!! They need ur help to get out! Have no idea how it happened!

I made this level a long time ago - I know it wont be really good for publishing but I would like to ask publishers to publish it - I spent long time for making this level and I just want it to be my 25 level...

[DESTROYER] To the launch of the DESTROYER left 24 + 1 levels!

WARNING - when the counter start to show:

[DESTROYER] To the launch of the DESTROYER left + 1 level!

Be careful!!!

Virtual mathematical

At the last time haven't been on goofans and uploaded any addins. You probably were waiting from me new things didn't you?

This level is a bit challenging (So you can rate like that) cause you need to push pilot goos with mars balloons. I just on fast think out something level but actually it was good. I was just thinking about level "Grape vine virus" and think out this.

Please rate!

Your wikipedium Wiki-goo

[DESTROYER] To the DESTROYER activation left 25 + 1 levels!

Cheeky balls

My second skill level. All is up to your luck! For me it always failed.

If you think there are just some ivies to get to the pipe and nothing else then try by yourself...

This level I made by thinking something hard like "Skill of confusition" and think out something more harder!

Before you start I'll give you a clue - NOT ALL the balls are ivies!

If you find out what is going on then you CAN tell others so they would know what is going on there.

If you can't even finish this level DO NOT try to get OCD...

And remember - this level is not impossible...

Black chains and pink beauty

This level I made fast and easily. By the way I made it fast because I haven't been making any levels at the last time! This level idea I had long time ago. No OCD Sad. By my self could not finish the level because there is long way up to the pipe. Have fun and don't forget to RATE!

[DESTROYER] To the launch of DESTROYER left 27 levels...

Skill of confusition

This is my first skill level. Tricky, isn't it? I've been trying this level couple of times to finish it. And only sometimes I got to the finish. The deal is this... To finish this level you definitely have to put albinos on the strands but in that way to wiki balls would be around them so at the finish you could get almost all goos in by leaving only one wiki. Quite hard, isn't it? This level will learn you one skill in witch way you will be able to get some OCDs in other levels! Have a fun... And don't forget to rate and comment the level!

Way to the freedom

My first level for the moment. Actually I didn't really wanted to come and join the goofans but by wiki-goo I'm here now. This level is something about... As this is my first level I ask you to publish this level because I haven't got any ideas... -the Sign Painter

Screenshots and level idea by: Wikigoo-4evr
Level name by: -the Sign Painter
Little help by: Little miss4evr


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