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One of my school levels. You can call it for extra level but NOT for my 14th level because this is not my 14th I wanted to put in. OCD in this level is... I don't remember! Anyway have a fun! the Wikigoo-4evr!

Windmill weather

This is my 2nd level. The pipe is at the top of the level and to get to it you have to go around the windmill. OCD is 45 moves. Have fun Smile

The small room

This is my 13TH level! As we know the 13 means ghostly. So this level is part of chapter that will come out with goo game - "World of goo - diamond catchers" 3 stories & will come out with "World of goo - diamond catchers" full version. I hope that I will can make the full version of my WOG game. Have a fun! Oh and OCD is 17 moves Wink

Yet this addin is without music. I'm trying to in something way put the music in WoOGLE. So I will make 0.2 version with the music Wink

Broken bones

This level is very similar with original level "You have to explode the head". I know that the jar of skull is not moving but thats whats how it have to be. OCD is 50 goo balls. I had about 53 maximal. I think that some of you at first will be confused but to finish this level use the skill of th level "Ugly school" - how to easy explode the bomb! But you have to work fast!

The latest version/s have got different OCD and other!

Mars Beauty

There are two new types of goo balls. The mars beauty goo ball seems very beautiful. Like beauty goo ball. And mars product... Oh, for what am I talking about? The OCD is 20 goo balls one time I get 22 and in other 21 goo balls. Have a fun! Oh and this level will be part of the chapter "Lunar moon" In the "Wikigoo-4evr's view of the world of goo 2". Wink

Second version (version 0.2) is better... Now there are 50% more new goo ball style than in version 0.1!

Version 0.3 has just changed one geometry's contacts into false so you may want to download it...


Finally my next level! It's 10th now! Very hard and takes very long time to finish but thats what I wanted. I played this level many times but never got to the finish. Just I had no time to test it and finish it. But I'm sure it is possible. DO NOT copy this level in WooGLE because this level had some problems that can not be solved!

WARNING! This level can be with some problems so if anybody of you can find some, inform me!

Problem found! Thankyou...


Hello. This is my 1st level. My brother - Wikigoo4-4evr helped me to make this one. The subtitle is - "bouncing method" so you be careful with bouncing! Soon will come my next level - "Windmill weather". Have a fun with this on Smile

Burning bridge

Call it burning bridge if it starts to burn. But thats not what you have to do. Just go forwards and wake up the sleeping goo balls. It's very similar level with "Upper shaft" isn't it? Have a fun Smile!

Chain with the ugly to the spikes

There is nothing very much I can tell you about guys. This is the level with long name and it takes quite long time to get ugly and beauty eye products to the pipe. OCD is 60 moves. At the last time I had 56. Have a fun! Wink And if you don't understand something you just look at the screenshots.

Moving strategy

Hello. As I said this is one of the levels with more things in. The point is you need to take... (Thats secret). The OCD is 18 seconds. I had 15 the most less. There are two downloads. You can download both if you want to. They are very similar but there I had think out two different ways to finish this level. So have a fun with both!


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