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DanielSat, 10/11/2014 - 12:071.13m92113 hours 18 sec
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Jumping tower

Finally! I did it! My 5th level "Jumping tower" have been made up! It did took me long time to finish it but thats all of this level... Oh well, the next levels will be more intrusting with new balls, with more new images and with more variables!

Water chain

Here it is how I promised - level "Water chain". The OCD is 18 moves but I had 17. I know you others can do less because if you are not putting balloons every time when you put there water goo ball.

Two sisters

Very strategic level. Small but not very easy to get OCD what is 36 goo balls. I hope you players will enjoy this level because it's my third one.

Version 0.2 is more difficult from version 0.1 than it looks! Gravity on right is bigger now and the ugly is already busting! I changed one sign a little bit too!

Weird bony help

This is very challenging level. OCD is 40 moves. At first I had 41 moves but that was because I done one wrong move. Later I did it again and I had 40 moves. I think how it is possible to make less moves than 40.

Flying chain

This is my very first level. I don't know how to make chapters, goo games, modes and other but I will going to learn about these addins. I hope you players will like my levels. I had think about 2nd mode for this level but it's quite easy. The "Rookie" Wikigoo-4evr


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