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This level idea was mine like nonplatform level. There is no OCD but level is good... In this level my brother helped me too so he's additional author. There are new goos too! I used xmasbomb so if I'm not Allowed to use it just tell me. I'll sort it out. Have a fun in playing!

The stork

One of my cheeky levels I've made. OCD is all the Ivies. Try to figure out where is the pipe but if you will... (Don't tell anybody). I can give you a clue:

Pipe is hiding in the place where goos usually don't like to go...

Don't line that anchor because the stork will start to worry and try to get the lining off from the anchor by wobbling his beak.

One my friend have been tried but... he had problems with this level... It was funny Big smile

So the pipe you can see a little bit in a ...

Good luck and don't forget to rate and comment my level!

Spikes in the way

Yes I know... It's some king really similar with level "Broken bones" but here is different method. At first you need to explode that head to get bones and get to my costume pipe. I called it for ugly pipe. If anybody wants to use it... I alow you because it will be better if you are using ugly pipe for costume levels not the original beauty if you want to uglies will go in! In this level all 4 uglies are required. There is no OCD but anyway it's fun Wink. This is my "19" level. Just think it out!

Impossible divide

Call it just my EXTRA level. Think out a new way how to go on the small divide. I finished this level so don't think it's impossible. almost got OCD what is that same as in economic divide 16 goos. got 15 Puzzled . Have a fun Wink . And don't forget to rate and comment my "EXTRA" level.

World of wiki-goo DEMO level

I put out this level to you would more understood what I'm talking about. This is just DEMO level! At first I've been thinking about only 1 chapter but finally think out that I want some more! The wiki-world goo game will be grate, I promise! - Wiki-goo

And one more thing... As my 7th level wasn't so good you can call THIS level for my 7th if you want because in my level place I need to put something everywhere...

Please rate!

London bridge

Once I was in the London but I never seen that bridge so... Drowned it as I could... I really like to make and play the new levels so couldn't wont upload this level. again no OCD but it's quiet fun to go through it! Have a fun!!!

The electric chain

If you are good player you may FINISH this level. This is my second level without OCD. If anybody have got any ideas about OCD then tell me only to I would be sure that it is possible you have to show me screenshots for improvement. Have a fun!

Ivy mask

This level idea I took from my technology lesson. To get though this level you definitely need to get that mask down! I couldn't think of an OCD so... There is no OCD. Mask helps you to get the goo product goo balls and get you to the pipe. If you want to know the platform where is pipe there at the corner that circle is very sticky so it will help you to get to the pipe. Other ways you can't get anywhere if you are not using the mask. Have some fun! And if you want to know this is my 16th level!

Shifting machine

Couldn't wait until I will can put this level in so here it is - my 15th level "Shifting machine"! New or old skill to learn. As I saw in any different level haven't been method like this! Actually this is one of my favorite levels! OCDed with 5 moves. Don't really think that less is possible. Well if only 4 moves... Real OCD is 11 moves. Have a fun!

The pink lady and the strange thing

Finally my 14th level! The pink lady and the strange thing. Sounds weird doesn't it? If you want to get the OCD (Which is 19 Goo Balls), then you have think where you can get the 19th Goo Ball. Have fun! Smile


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