Way to the freedom

Authors: -the Sign Painter, Wikigoo-4evr, Little miss4evr
Total downloads: 1,250
Latest version: 0.1
Release date: 07/30/2011 - 07:14
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My first level for the moment. Actually I didn't really wanted to come and join the goofans but by wiki-goo I'm here now. This level is something about... As this is my first level I ask you to publish this level because I haven't got any ideas... -the Sign Painter

Screenshots and level idea by: Wikigoo-4evr
Level name by: -the Sign Painter
Little help by: Little miss4evr

There are 4 screenshots.

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0.1AllSat, 07/30/2011 - 07:14com.goofans.theSignPainter.RescueTheGoos.goomod25.47 KB1,250

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