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Rainbow Common Goo

Rainbow Common Going Up

This is my second ball style.
It customize the common goo ball to 20 style of colors and types with rainbow strand.
Special Features, Rainbow Colored Common Goo Balls.

Version 1.5 out now !, with 30 types of goo

N.B.: Thanks for Jamerz that inpired me to make this.
Please help me in XSL coding,.. I'll try to put individual colors in the
strand for the next version

Balloon Types

Custom Ballon ( Welcoming Unit )

This add - on is similar than jamerz do.
This will change the ballon goo into 8 types of balloon
1. Rainbow Balloon
2. Icy Balloon
3. Blue Star Balloon
4. Pixel Balloon ( Orange coloured., I want to fix this because it not looks pixelized)
5. Radioactive Balloon
6. Grass Balloon
7. Glassy balloon
8. Plasma Balloon

Way to the freedom

My first level for the moment. Actually I didn't really wanted to come and join the goofans but by wiki-goo I'm here now. This level is something about... As this is my first level I ask you to publish this level because I haven't got any ideas... -the Sign Painter

Screenshots and level idea by: Wikigoo-4evr
Level name by: -the Sign Painter
Little help by: Little miss4evr


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