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Way to the freedom

My first level for the moment. Actually I didn't really wanted to come and join the goofans but by wiki-goo I'm here now. This level is something about... As this is my first level I ask you to publish this level because I haven't got any ideas... -the Sign Painter

Screenshots and level idea by: Wikigoo-4evr
Level name by: -the Sign Painter
Little help by: Little miss4evr


This level idea was mine like nonplatform level. There is no OCD but level is good... In this level my brother helped me too so he's additional author. There are new goos too! I used xmasbomb so if I'm not Allowed to use it just tell me. I'll sort it out. Have a fun in playing!

Windmill weather

This is my 2nd level. The pipe is at the top of the level and to get to it you have to go around the windmill. OCD is 45 moves. Have fun Smile


Hello. This is my 1st level. My brother - Wikigoo4-4evr helped me to make this one. The subtitle is - "bouncing method" so you be careful with bouncing! Soon will come my next level - "Windmill weather". Have a fun with this on Smile


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