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A level for valentine's day

The next soon levels will be "seasonal delight levels".

our story is about a group of disliked by each other gooballs, working as a team to save our beauty

please comment and r8

Bulletin Board Systems

A little extension of goomatz's keep on running

Christmas level pack

Snowy weathers

I didn't make this for fun.
I made this because I needed to.
(Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Party)

Infection Area

The sign painter, goo balls and me, are stuck in a dangerous killing infection area.
we are in a cage with the infected goo balls.
we are planning to escape the area and destroy the box of deadly chemicals.

Whack the Moon

"What a beautiful night today" says the sign painter
Is it December
or October?
definately not October
it was too hot for an October day
hotter than august

It was 9 days before Christmas
and it was the most beautiful night in December
what's that?
Is it a comet or star?
make a wish to get the OCD

P.S:I drawn the moon on paint
found the backround on google

please comment and rate Smile


Winter is coming

Do whatever you want in this level
but remember
use your skills

OCD = 10 goo balls

LCC2 Down the Hole

The Hole

A entry for the level contest
there was only maximum 5 images and 2 goo types
please appreciate my hard work making this level
there were no signposts to tell what is happening in the level
so I'll just tell you the story now.

The goo balls were building a tower across.
when they realised that a tall solid wall was standing in front of them,
and next to it was a enterable hole.
where could the hole lead them to?

New Year

You can [if you want to] use the new backround I found on google images.

The level is challenging,
with lots of puzzle in it.
so I suggest you to use your goo skills in it
It is possible to finish this level
and finish with a OCD

15th level
Happy New Year!!!!

Rolling on the River

The hill

you thought that's the end of our story
but how?
It's just the beginning

At the top of the biggest hill in deligoo
something terribly huge was rolling down the hill
quickly build a tower of goo
before you get squashed and broken into pieces

Generator System

The Final level of Deligoo's adventures

S.M.O.K.E's world finally has chances of losing

There would be a movie
but first I need to upload it on the level

Final holiday treat level


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