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Snowy weathersAuthor: dan250
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Santa Merry Christmas goofans!Santa
here is my level pack

First it was meant to be a chapter
but it was too hard make a chapter
so a level pack worked

dan250 left a note, he wrote:
A few tips which will help:
1. Install these goomods, ALL OF THESE GOOMODS
2. Every level in gootool is called 'CC' so it's easier enabling them to be in chapter 1.
3. I suggest you don't have any other goomods in gootool than all being 'CC'.
4. play the levels in order:

Full moon
Opening the crackers
Giftbox chaos (present chaos)
Christmas tree climber
Glass ball happiness
Smoked chimney
Starry sky

5. please comment and rate
6. Enjoy Smile

Some gooballs have hats, some don't but that's not my fault kyle needed to make these hats for millions of goos. he had enough.

There are 3 screenshots.

Snowy weathers
Down the christmas tree
No cigars allowed on christmas
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